Meet GRM Staff

Rich Schaus

Executive Director

Disciplined | Impactful | Inspiring | Warrior | Peaceful | Maverick

My greatest fantasy is so impressing Jesus that He gives me a high five as I meet Him.

Kayla Russell

Administrative Assistant

Strong-Willed | Adventurous | Creative

My sentence is: “Serving God one person at a time.”

Nicky Miller

Development Director

Sparkling | Organized | Compassionate

I am passionate about following God’s calling for my life, oh yeah, and coffee. 

Jack Murr

Director of Rescue

Quiet | Strong | Servant

My passion is the pursuit of excellence in service to the Lord. 

Curt Blankenship

Maintenance | Clean Start Supervisor

Pragmatic | Kempt | Tenacious

Sandy Coe

Women's Shelter Director

Follower of Jesus Christ | Listener to All | Love Everyone

To love others as Jesus, to be able to help when its needed  and know when to apply grace and when to apply truth. Above all, pray for all especially for those that I have the hardest time with because they may be the ones that need it most. 

Tammy Woods

Women's Shelter Team

Compassionate | Warrior for Christ | Loyal | Empowered

My passion is to let my light shine for Jesus! Sharing my love, grace, and truth with everyone I meet. Empowering women to love Jesus and encouraging them to build each other up through the Gospel. 

Phyllis Lewelling

Kitchen Manager

Christ-like | Reliable | Intelligent

My passion is to bring healing and hope to the mentally ill and those who have been incarcerated, through the liberating power of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

Daniel Blankenship

Men's Shelter Director

Compassionate | Spontaneous | Insightful

Drawing near to Christ and compelling others to do the same. 

Emily Langone

Men's Shelter Team

Tenacious | Productive | Empathetic

My passions are defined by learning and helping others. 

Mark Bowser

Men's Shelter Team

Dependable | Punctual | Helpful

Passionate about pointing folks toward Jesus. 

Charlotte Sanders

Volunteer Coordinator

Loyal | Understanding | Emotional

I am very passionate about breaking generational strife in my family line. 

Jessica Holmes

Kitchen Manager

Patient | Optimistic | Committed

I am passionate about following Christ in all that I do.