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The Adventures of Fellow Sojourner

The small round table under the canopy outside the local diner provided a perfect place for Sojourner to sit and enjoy a small breakfast and a cup of coffee. He came here often as it became his favorite spot. It wasn’t far from his place, and he enjoyed getting outside and sitting there as the slight breeze provided relief from the hot summer sun.

The proximity made it possible for him to walk there despite the pain he often felt in his right leg. He rubs his leg to acknowledge the moment of slight pain and quickly opens his Bible and grabs his pencil and paper. Journaling had become quite important to him over the years. “Blessed are the poor in spirit… blessed are those who mourn… blessed are they who hunger and thirst for righteousness.” Sojourner quietly reflected on those words spoken by Jesus in Matthew 5. Thankful that Jesus seemed to show dignity to those who may often feel overlooked, a slight smile comes across his face. He scratches his gray beard as he whispers, “thank you, Jesus, for your blessing.”

He takes another sip of coffee as he ponders his life. So many faces and names and places run through his mind. He had lived a life of struggle and hardship. The lessons he has learned through the years have given him a greater appreciation. He is filled with joy and contentment because of his relationship with God.

Sojourner looks around and sees the man a few tables down. The man is noticeably homeless. His clothes are tattered and smell of urine. His hair is long and unkempt and probably hasn’t seen a comb in a month. His eyes are bloodshot, and his speech is slurred as he talks to himself.  Nobody is sitting in the area near him. The occasional glance in his direction is accompanied by condescending snickers or whispers of condemnation.

What is his story? What events led him to these circumstances? Did he once have a family? Is he able to work? Was he hurt?

Sojourner whispers a prayer as he walked toward the man. “Can I get you a coffee?” he asks. The man smiles a timid, yet appreciative smile and says, “thank you.”

Sojourner sits and begins asking questions……