Living the Warrior Life

Living the Warrior Life D-Day +57

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 57.      

Be the Leader: Just because we have moved on in our training does not mean that the earlier lessons are done.  A leader must be constantly growing and learning.





 The warrior takes the small things seriously

 The warrior must be a student of history. 

 The warrior must live by a code.

In the heat of battle or for most of us when stress hits us hard we must have pre-decided how we will react.

Consider Joseph in the book of Genesis.  He is a hard worker.  He is wise and loyal to his master.  Unfortunately, his master’s wife took a special liking to him and worked to seduce him.  Consider the temptation.  Here is a noble woman who likely regularly bathed, wore make up and the fanciest clothes of her era.  Because of Potiphar’s position it is also likely that he had his choice of beautiful and intelligent women so she is a top tier girl. 

One day this cunning woman orchestrated some alone time with Joseph, and invited him into her marriage bed.  All of the external barriers that might have helped Joseph overcome this temptation were gone. How did Joseph not give into this temptation?  He made a vow before hand to not give himself to this woman.  When the invitation came that was not the time to debate the rightness or wrongness of the situation.  His natural senses would have led him astray.  He was a young man with testosterone running through his system at full tilt.  But he had made a vow at least internally to keep himself pure.

That same sort of pre-decision can be made for many things in your life.  You can seek ideas on the internet for wording and ideas of things that you should include in your personal vows.  But let me give you a few here in no particular order that you might consider.

  • As a warrior it is my duty to always lead from the front and not the rear.
  • I will treat all people with respect and love because they are made in the image of God.
  • I will set myself as an example that others will want to follow. (Holistically)
  • I will push those that work with me toward constant and never-ending improvement (CANI)
  • Pain is required to release the beast within you.
  • I do not need to like what God directs you to do, you must simply do it.
  • I shall live my life with simplicity.
  • I shall never assume that I fully understand a situation until I investigate fully.
  • I will focus on results, not methods.
  • Semper Gumby (Always flexible)
  • Never be alone with a woman in what would appear a compromising position.
  • Honor God, first.

 This week’s challenge: Consider where temptation must come from and write out a personal code that you will live with and apply in your life.  Write them out and then work to integrate them into your life. 

Living the Warrior Life

Living the Warrior Life D-Day +50

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 50.      

Be the Leader: Just because we have moved on in our training does not mean that the earlier lessons are done.  A leader must be constantly growing and learning.





 The warrior takes the small things seriously

 The warrior must be a student of history. 

Too many think of the warrior as all brawn and no brains.  But that cannot be.  Muscle can get you only so far.  It is the ability to know how to use that muscle that makes you the warrior.  If I am about to take a test I would love to have the answers so that I know exactly what to study and how to prepare.  That is what history does for you, if you are willing to investigate and study the past.

Solomon tells us that there is nothing new under the sun.  Problems and challenges have been experienced in some capacity before our modern era.  Dig in and see what you can learn.  Sometimes you can learn what to do or more often than not I can learn from the mistakes of others and keep myself from being so foolish.  Sometimes I simply have no clue how to go forward and history can give me a clue.  At the very least I pick up some pretty incredible illustrations.

In the 1930s Calvin Coolidge was president.  Tennis was becoming very popular and Calvin’s son began to play consistently.  One day after playing he discovered that he had a blister on one of his feet but figured it was no big deal.  However, the infection in the blister somehow spread to his legs and then took on the rest of his body.  He was dead in just a couple of weeks.  The lesson learned is that you must address the little things or they will ultimately kill you. (BTW: Lesson from last week.)

Don’t simply look at dates but instead look for the story.  Look for the lessons learned from other cultures.  While it can be difficult to find, the African continent is full of incredible leaders, new technologies and more.  These leaders had to solve environmental issues, community issues and had to overcome immense challenges.  They have lessons that are right there waiting for you.  Every culture and language has had to face problems, look to learn from them.

Finally, don’t restrict your learning to what you typically find in history books.  When you study with a warrior mindset you can find leadership lessons from all of the disciplines.  Science, art, engineering, education and any other venue can provide what you need to solve any of today’s problems.

 This week’s challenge: Today, pick out one season of history and study the snot out of it for the next 3 months.  Look for something out of the ordinary.

Living the Warrior Life

Living the Warrior Life D-Day +43

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 43.      

A quick review is in order.   Last week we completed the first section on being the leader.  You can always go back and read the past blogs to get the details.  A warrior is always the leader who leads from the front.  A warrior is the leader who sets the example.  A warrior is the leader who is comfortable in his/her own skin because they know who they are.  Finally a warrior is a leader who looks to win the war not just the battle.

Be the Leader:




Now we go onto the second section


I am the voice.

I will lead NOT follow.

I will believe NOT doubt.

I will create NOT destroy.

I am a force for good.

I am a force for God.

I am a leader.

I will defy the odds.

I will set a new standard.

I will rise.

I am the storm.

I am the warrior.

-Modified version of a Tony Robbins quote

Now that you know that you are the leader.  Rise up and live as a warrior.  Not all of those that are leaders are warriors.  But it is the warrior that leaves an impact on the world.  What will your impact be?  Will you help lead climate change?  Will you be remembered as a part of the next Great Awakening.  Will you discover something new?  The possibilities are numerous.  Search your heart. 

Now before you go off to conquer kingdoms and slay the dragon (which you should definitely do by the way), I want to encourage you to do the little things well.  See that is what a warrior does.  He/She lives with excellence in their bones. 

Don Tee was a crew member on a bomber in World War II.  He described long periods of boredom followed by seasons of absolute terror.  Don was a warrior.  During one of the flights the bombs were stuck and Don climbed down into the bay to try to kick them loose.  He could look down and see Europe below him.  Climbing down he began kicking at the offending bomb. Time was of the essence.  He had to get this out quickly or they would miss the window of opportunity.  With all of his might he gave it one last kick and the bombs fell away.  Unfortunately so did Don.  He had lost his grip in the effort to kick the bomb loose.  But that was not the end of Don.  While he was falling out of the bomb bay the patch of his uniform caught on a bolt.  For several moments, Don was getting a literal bird’s eye view of Europe with nothing holding him in the air but a bolt and a patch.  Don could not tell you how long he was hanging there before other crew members pulled him back up into the plane but it did seem like an eternity.

While Don is a hero, he gives credit to two other people for his surviving the war.  One was the person that sewed the patch on his uniform.  They did such an excellent job that it held a full grown man.  That person sewing the patch will never know that the little thing of an extra stitch on a patch saved a man’s life.  The second person is the person that put that bolt in place.  If they had been having a bad day, or were simply phoning in their work that day, Don would have died that day.

You never know how the little things will impact a life.  Do all things with excellence.  A warrior always provides excellence in every task; even if and maybe particularly if they do not know if anyone will ever notice. 

 This week’s challenge: Today, write down three small tasks that you usually phone in and write them down.  Now take that list and purposely do those three things with excellence.

Living the Warrior Life

Living the Warrior Life D-Day +36

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 36.      

Be the Leader:

Discipline:  To be the leader you must put yourself on the warpath of discipline.  These are the little things that you do routinely to develop physically, mentally, socially and Spiritually.  Overall these things will offer you small little nudges of personal growth.  I implore you not to wait until you feel like it, just get up and do it every day.  Every leader that has fallen started his/her descent by forsaking the disciplines that got them into their position.

Definition:   This is where you define who you are.  I am a warrior monk.  In every situation where I am unsure what to do next; I ask myself, “What would a warrior monk do in this situation?”  Additionally, I am a man that simply loves Jesus and longs to hear him say, “Well done good and faithful servant.”  This body that I live in, the roles that I play and the things people think of me are all temporary.  My real self is housed in this temporary jar of clay.  I am the beloved of God.  Leaders who do not know who they are hurt people.

King Saul in the Bible was called of God to lead the nation of Israel.  He was anointed by the prophet yet he ruled in fear of losing his position, losing face and losing his relationship with God.   Because he failed to see himself as the anointed he failed.  Consider King David, who knew that God loved him and believed in him.  Which type of leader do you want to be?

Destiny:  To be the leader is to live life in the long game.  Too many leaders today go for temporary victories.  They might get wealthy or get the girl but they are only content for a short period of time.  The warrior thinks of the eternal best interest of those that he/she is leading. 

A weed grows very fast and takes no effort.  Anybody can grow a weed and be successful at doing so.  But a weed does not last.  Imagine planting a tree from a seed.  It takes skill, time and effort.  There will be days where you can see the growth and days where you notice nothing. If done correctly that tree will impact multiple generations. 

During my time in the United States Army we would do these field exercises and in nearly every one of those the umpires would take me out of the equation by killing me.  My troops would then have to show if I had trained them well or not.  The first time this happened they were not prepared and that was my fault.  I should have ensured that everyone on my team had the skills and mindset to rise up and be a leader if I was not there.  In many ways up until that day I was a highly paid babysitter. I learned my lesson and never again would I set up my soldiers for failure. 

If you are a leader and your organization does not outlast you by at least one generation than you have failed.  I have learned that this can be painful.  Decisions made today do not always make sense in the moment.  Invest your time and energy so that you can be the legend. 

I heard the story of a man who abandoned his wife and two children when the kids were very young.  Many years later, the two children having gone away from their mother for a season, returned to celebrate the mother’s 60th birthday party.  Many friends and family members joined them as they told about how the mother had overcome all challenges with a smile and with much grace.  For two days laughter, tears and stories were told.  Many of the stories were almost supernatural and were surely the stuff of legend.  The man’s name was never mentioned.  It was like he did not exist.  He was a ghost.  My question to you today is this, “Do you want to be a legend or do you want to be a ghost?”

 This week is a good time to review where we have been.  Put together your full ethos statement.  (See mine as an illustration.)  Write out your discipline plan to include what and when you will add to them.  Create a word picture to create the definition of who you are and finally decide.  “I am going to be a legend.”  What do you want your legend to be?  Tell the story and include your whole being.

Living the Warrior Life

Living the Warrior Life D-Day +29

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 29.     That means that it is Independence Day in America.  We take time to celebrate the birth of our nation.  I used to think that I loved this nation.  But then I went to basic training at Fort Leonard wood.  At graduation they played “I’m proud to be an American.”  I started crying.  There was no warning, no build up, just tears racing down my cheeks.  It was then that I realized that I really loved this country.  Now, I agree that we have often made a mess of things from time to time.  We birthed a nation of freedom while holding slaves.  We slaughtered Native Americans, proudly.  We have often had corrupt government and businesses.  But ultimately this nation has stood against the forces of evil in the world and has come out victorious.  Here any man can rise and live his/ her dream.  The United States of America is growing up, be patient and look to the horizon to see what we accomplish in the future.  My guess is that what we do in the future will make it look like we did nothing over the past 250 years or so.  God bless the USA.

Be the Leader:

Discipline: The last two weeks I have been talking to you about personal discipline.  This is critical if you are going to be the warrior.  You should be establishing new disciplines consistently.  Try to build a streak of success.  I remember when I was trying to build the discipline of flossing.  I had been told by every dentist I knew that I needed to put this practice in my life.  I blew them off. (Like some of you have been doing to my suggestions so far.) One day though I thought I should follow through, after all I had been telling all of those dentists that I will start flossing right away.  But to be honest now, I was lying.  I had no intention of following through on that promise.  But I got sick of not being a man of integrity in that area so I made the decision, I will floss regularly.  This started with flossing at least every third day, then I set a standard of flossing more days than not.  Finally, I wanted to see how many days in a row that I could floss.  I went nearly three years without missing a day.  Then I went camping and missed a day.  But since then I have been consistent for nearly 7 more years.  I work to break my record daily.  Build your disciplines.

Slow and steady wins the race.  Build slowly, you never eat the fruit on the day you plant the seed.

Definition:  Now to be the leader you must define yourself.  Who are you?  If you are like me, you have made a ton of mistakes in your life.  Too often I define myself by those failures.  I remember that youth group that collapsed under my leadership and became nonexistent.  I remember being a bad example in Boy Scouts.  I remember my time in addictions and in that I remember how I selfishly hurt people.  My life then was all about me and what I wanted and I hated anyone that disagreed with me.  Hate would have defined who I was.  I could go on for pages in detail about all of the times that I have failed.  However, as a warrior I must not define myself in the midst of those failures.  Many people I know define themselves by their past.  They will say I am an addict, I am a felon.  They will say I am stupid, ugly, cruel or a liar and adulterer.  Some define themselves by their career, or lack of a career.  Others are defined by their appearance.  I am pretty, I am ugly.  The point is that you must rise above all of that. 

There are times when you have been ugly, stupid, trapped in sin of all sorts.  Those are moments of your life.  Do not let them define you.

I am defined as a child of God.  He loves me. 

I have been crucified with Christ, and I no longer live, but Christ lives in me.  The life I live in the body I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.  –Galatians 2: 20

Too often we define our inside by what is outside of us.  That is backwards. The warrior life is all about allowing the inside to define who you are.  With that said I must challenge you to invite Christ to live inside of you.  Without Christ to cleanse us, we are filled with selfishness, bitterness, and all manner of evil.  We are unable to faithfully serve our fellow men in ways that honor them.

If you have not invited Jesus to live within you, then I implore you to not put that off for a single moment. 

I have very few regrets in my life.  I regret not going to Ranger School.  I regret not being a better husband to my wife, particularly in our early marriage.  But the one thing that I regret most in my life is that I did not come to really know Jesus earlier.  Oh, to have prevented the mistakes of my rebellion against Him.  That is why I seek words to convince you not to put this off.  If you need to talk to someone about this relationship; and what that means please email me.

Take some time this week to add to your disciplines (by adding that may mean that you are taking something away like pie, or working late.)  Also take time to clarify your definition of who you are.  Let me know what you are thinking and how I can serve you.

Living the Warrior Life

Living the Warrior Life D-Day + 22

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 22.    What we are building in you is the strength and the endurance to win and dominate in our world.  Many worry about those who are couch potatoes and those who numb themselves with social media.  I suggest that we do not need to worry about them.  They are not the competition.  Really our only real competition is with our own selves.  The flesh is weak.

Last week we talked about daily discipline.  It is this discipline that will give you the freedom to fulfill your God given mission in this life.  Remember that you want to ensure that you have daily opportunities to grow physically, mentally, spiritually and socially.

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man.-Luke 2:52

Establishing a healthy beginning and ending of your day leaves you in position to be flexible with the rest of your day.  Now there needs to be some discussion on other disciplines that must be added to your overall life.  Fit these in as you can. 

Physical:  The morning routine is a base to get your blood pumping and knock the cobwebs out.  While it will keep you fitter than a couch potato, it will not enable you to have the strength, agility and stamina that a warrior needs.  You must figure out a way to get in a full body workout 3-4 times a week.  Find a trainer.  Once a year I take about 2 months working with a trainer to force me to consider exercises that I would not do on my own.  A trainer can push you to the point of pain, where your own mind might try to stop you.

One other challenge: Take an ice bath at least 1 time a week.  Always start or end your showers with cold water.

Mental:  Read.  Read. Read.  Read books to inspire, to teach and make you think.  Teddy Roosevelt read wide and deep and ultimately read several books a week for most of his life.  If someone as active and busy and Teddy could do this, we should be able to pull off at least 1 book a week.  Do that.  Also take time to memorize Scripture.  This works the brain and the spirit.  Read professional magazines in your field.  Write in your journal your random thoughts and dreams. If you don’t use your mind, you will lose it.  Play games that challenge your thinking to exercise that mind muscle.  Finally, one time a week sit down and brainstorm what needs to be done.  Just write it all out.  Don’t analyze it.  Use your calendar if needed. In my journal this is my hit list for the week.  When I am done just free thinking and writing it all out, I will look for what needs to be done first and then what is next and so on.  Not all of these things need to be done. Many will carry over to future weeks.  Some were just written as an idea to consider later.  The point is that all week I know that when I have gaps in my schedule there are productive things to do and I go to my list.  Wasting time is a travesty.

Spiritual:  Most of my Spiritual work is done in the morning.  However, I also routinely go to church and if possible Sunday School, midweek services and special church events.  I pray with my wife and kids at meal times and other times.  Reading the Bible out loud at work has turned out to be a great exercise.  Again let the warrior life which is also a life in service to God, permeate the rest of your life.

Social:  Most of my work day has a social element.  Meetings, conversations over the phone, internet interactions, texts and other things are always a part of the social exercises of the day.  I also recommend classes on the internet on manners, small talk conversations and leadership to build the soft skills of being a warrior.  In the evening make it a discipline to eat dinner with your family as often as possible.  If you are married woo your spouse like you did before you were married.  Everyday life often makes us take people for granted.  Choose to love your closest family members in a special way, every day.

Journaling: By far the one exercise that I have added over the past few years is routine journaling. My goal is that I write down about every 20 minutes what I was doing or thoughts after a meeting.  My days go by fast and I don’t want to lose what I am learning.  I also want to be able to slow myself down enough to process what my senses have experienced.  The journaling process also clears my mind so that I can relax with my family at night without being haunted from remembering things that I think I should be doing.

Daily green drink:  Every day I drink at least 1 smoothie that I call my green drink.  They all turn out different and you can get recipes online if you wish.  But make sure each smoothie contains the following:

  • 2-3 green vegetables (Spinach, Kale, Broccoli, cucumbers)
  • Protein source (Greek Yogurt works well in most recipes)
  • Grains (Oatmeal, flax, chia seed)
  • Fruit
  • Fats (Avocado or Olive Oil)

This drink energizes me and fills me up so that I don’t end up snacking when someone brings in a donut and offers me one. (No one actually offers to share their donut with me. But if they did I would be too full to indulge that weakness.)

Overall find freedom in discipline. The warrior inside of you needs this to play the long game.  In World War II, the Japanese and the Germans won many battles, but they lost the war.  Too many men and women that I know win many battles but lose the war. 

What good is it for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Mark 8:36

Find balance in your discipline and you will finish strong.  Rarely does anybody remember who was leading in the first couple laps of a NASCAR event.  They only remember who won the race.  Be the winner, be the champion. Be the leader.

Living the Warrior Life


Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 15.   You should have at least a draft of your personal mission statement, your key verse, and your mission for this year and a listing of your personal values.  You can take a look at the total package by clicking on this link.  Print it and keep it someplace that you can routinely see it.  You will need it as you begin living the warrior life.

The everyday warrior life is preparing for the future.  At times it will seem tedious and even a little pointless.  There will be days that you just want to stay in bed, or binge watch some mindless television while eating junk food.  When that temptation comes up; look back at your purpose statement.  Remember who you want to be.

The value statements are what will keep you morally straight.  Sinful temptation is always out there.

No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can endure it. -1 Corinthians 10:13

Know this; pure will power will fail you.  You must ask Jesus to consistently show you the way out.  He will do this!  For approximately 33 years or so He lived on this Earth so that He could plainly understand your temptations.  I strongly recommend asking Him to be your guide.  

I also challenge you to find some brothers or sisters (Must be the same gender that you are.) to be your wing man.  This is much more than what has been called an accountability partner.  This is a person of iron.  They exist to sharpen you, and for you to sharpen them.  We are better together.  I am willing to be that person just email me:

Be the Leader

The first person that you lead is you. That means that in order to be successful in the long run, you must develop discipline.  Your discipline must take on your entire being, physical, mental, Spiritual and social.)

And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man. -Luke 2:52

Notice that Jesus had to grow in those four areas.  Don’t be arrogant here.  If Jesus needed to grow and He is our guide, then we too must grow in these areas.

This week we will focus on developing some daily disciplines. 

NOTE:  I am going to give you a snapshot of my daily disciplines.  You do not need to do all of this.  In fact, it has taken me years to get my warrior mind on track with this.  I have gradually added, taken away and adjusted the order of things in a way that works for me consistently.  Start small and deliberately add things to give you a complete day, every day.

Before going to bed at night:

  • Set up my espresso pot so that all I will need to do is turn on the machine.  That includes having it plugged in, coffee in the filter, water in the tank, hot chocolate mix in the cup, butter set out to add to the coffee and MCT oil.
  • Set up my exercise clothing to include shorts, shirt, socks and running shoes.
  • Set up pot to cook oatmeal, bowl and spoon, glass and spoon to make chocolate milk to go with my breakfast. (I might also set out the cast iron skillet if I am going to add eggs to my next morning meal.)
  • Set out my drink shaker with wheat grass mix already in the shaker.
  • Set out my journal, Bible, professional magazine and my lap top in the living room where I begin my day.

Going to bed (Usually 10pm)

  • I drink a shot of apple cider vinegar.
  • I then brush my teeth.
  • I wear a sleep mask that plays assorted sounds and Bible verses with a timer that will shut it down after about an hour of being asleep.

Wake up: 4 AM

  • Drink 16 ounces of water mixed with wheat grass.
  • Turn on coffee maker while I take care of morning business.
  • Open journal and record the first event of the day.

JOURNAL: Nothing that I have added over the past few years has made me as productive as keeping a journal that I record my entire day in. 

  • While drinking coffee I am reading from the Bible
    • 5 Psalms
    • 1 Proverb
    • Average of 40 pages a week.  (My personal goal this year is just to read through the Bible over the course of the year. Some years I have targeted reading it 2-4 times.  I am enjoying reading it and chewing on the Word of God more this year than the quick meals I was getting.)
    • I record my progress
  • I then journal the question of the day.  (You can get these from the internet.  I currently am using a list of 52 prompts that encourage me to think in detail about different aspects of my character.)
  • I then take time to do a self examination.  (You will get more on this later. But for now the basic idea is that I am thinking through my life and character in light of specific measurements.  I use things like Military leadership traits, Boy Scout laws, Scripture and more.)  I write down the standard I am aiming for and honestly evaluate how I am doing.  I might also write down some ideas for improvement or a specific short coming example from my week.
  • I then simply journal my thoughts from all of this thinking.  This almost always ends up being a written prayer, seeking the Holy Spirit to guide me toward being a man that lives a life that is pleasing to Him.
  • I conclude this section of my morning by praying for a specific country of region using Operation World’s App. 

It is typically about 4:50 am or so.  That entirely depends on the length of the five psalms.

  • I then pull out my laptop and read the local paper and check my email, and social media messages.
    • I don’t spend a lot of time on social media or on email.  For now I am just looking for anything that might need my attention later in the morning.
  • Finally, I will read a few pages in a professional magazine to glean some of the latest thinking.

By now it is typically 5:25 or so.  I then put on my workout clothes.

  • Three times a week I go for a run.
  • Three times a week I do a base workout while listening to podcasts
    • Currently that looks like this
      • 20 Burpees
      • 15 lunges each leg
      • Walk the ½ mile trail from my house wearing an 18 pound weight vest and carrying 25 pound dumbbell.
      • 100 pushups
      • 20 curls
      • 20 minutes on the elliptical with an elevation mask

It is now typically around 6:15.

  • While still listening to podcasts and/or motivational videos I prepare breakfast.
  • I also prepare a green drink for the day but do not yet blend it. (Too loud and still don’t want to wake up family.) More on green drinks later.
  • I do the dishes as I go along.
  • This also includes at least another 16 ounces of water (with a sprinkle of sea salt added) along with a garlic pill, multi vitamin and fish oil)

It is normally around 6:35 am at this point

  • With the dishes complete I read through Bruce Lee’s Affirmations
  • Then I work on Scripture memory
    • I have 6 verses that SoulCon calls Front Site Post verses.  These are the ones I review daily and meditate on them throughout the day.  They keep me focused on serving God.
    • I then have several memory verses that I either review or work to memorize

It is now 6:55 am

  • I blend my green drink.
  • I pack up my Bible and the magazine and take it to my room
  • I greet my wife and we talk.
  • If she is out of bed I race to make the bed before she can. NEVER leave home with an unmade bed unless your spouse is still in it when you leave.
  • I then begin my final round of AM rituals

AM Rituals

  • Brush teeth and floss
  • Shave
  • Clean up sink
  • Shower (Always start with cold water)
  • Get dressed
  • Read from 2 devotional books
  • Pack up computer, gym bag and back pack and leave for work (More on back pack later)

Before I leave for work my wife and I pray together.

That is my daily routine.  The rest of my day, little is routine. 

Notice that in my daily routine I have included physical, mental, Spiritual and even a little social activity in the beginning of my day.  That is what you want to create.

There are things that I do weekly, monthly and quarterly as well and that will be discussed later as well.

Now it’s your turn.  Design your perfect morning.  Set yourself up for success.  Share with me what you are doing.  How does it tie in with your ethos document?  I would love to see that too.  Let’s work together as warriors, let us change the world.  Let us be the storm.

Living the Warrior Life

Living the Warrior Life (D-Day+8)

Welcome back!  If you started last week you are now on D-Day plus 8.  You should have been seeking God’s guidance on your life’s purpose.  Why are you here?  God has a plan for your life and the sooner you discover it, the more fulfilling and meaningful your life will be.

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

Write up your personal mission statement or what I call an Ethos statement.  This is the root of who you are in the flesh.  If you have not captured that much your motivation for the warrior disciplines that we will discuss later will seem pointless.  Even if you start the disciplines and think that will power will maintain you through them, you will quit.  Purpose is what pushes us when the bed magnet is on, when we don’t feel up to it or are simply fed up with life.  Discover your purpose first.

Once you have written your draft, share this with your friends and family.  Let them give you feedback so that it can be fine tuned.  I realize this is scary.  They might laugh at you.  Have courage, don’t be afraid.  It has often happened that the heroes of history were laughed at, until they weren’t. 

You should also have a mission for this year.  What will be your focus for this year?  This should not be too much detail.  You want just enough detail to be inspiring.  You are defining an ultimate objective and not spending time right now developing the plan to get there.  The key here is where will you focus your time and energy? 

NOTE:  This mission might not be large or even work related.  This might be fixing a relationship with a spouse or children or parents.  This might be moving to a new city or maybe some educational or health related mission. 

For this to be effective you must ask God to be the author of these statements.  Ask Him to confirm his call and direction.  Listen carefully and watch and listen.  

As I mentioned last week, you should also have a secret ambition.  This one you keep to yourself and wait for God to confirm it.  This must be bold and daring and seem impossible from where you are currently sitting. 

What you have created is purpose and focus.  With these you will be able to find the motivation to do these things when you don’t feel like it.  I can guarantee you that there will be days and even weeks where you will not want to live the warrior life.  There are days when it seems that it would be easier just to stay in bed and hide from the world.  That is not the warrior way.  But when you think of your purpose you can push though the sleepy eyes and the voice in your head that is saying to stay in bed for just a few more minutes.  That demon that is saying that today you don’t need to go for a run because it is raining outside must be silenced.  Your purpose can speak for you.

This week you should work on refining and putting together the words that will inspire you. Again here is mine. 

Personal Ethos Statement

I am a warrior monk and will live my life with integrity.  I will live in wisdom, in endurance and in great health. I will leave no one behind whether that is family, friend or foe.  My heart will be forever trained in the ways of the Christ.

Current Mission 2019 Rise, be the Storm!

  • I will lead efforts to serve the poor of my community.
  • I will partner with others in my community to cause it to reflect Godly principles.
  • I will partner with others toward helping as many people as possible to get above the poverty line.
  • I will be the be the voice of reform.

Be the Leader

The first person you lead is you. You must discipline yourself and call yourself to rise above the mediocrity that our world finds so acceptable today. 

Our world needs you to live the warrior lifestyle.  There will be a day when the warriors will be called upon to save our nation and our world.  Would you be ready? 

There may be a day of persecution.  Would you be able to stand up for your faith?  The great heroes of the faith were willing to pay any price.  Check out Hebrews 11.  After giving specific heroic and very warrior like acts of faith the writer gives us this

And what more shall I say? I do not have time to tell about Gideon, Barak, Samson and Jephthah, about David and Samuel and the prophets, who through faith conquered kingdoms, administered justice, and gained what was promised; who shut the mouths of lions, quenched the fury of the flames, and escaped the edge of the sword; whose weakness was turned to strength; and who became powerful in battle and routed foreign armies. Women received back their dead, raised to life again. There were others who were tortured, refusing to be released so that they might gain an even better resurrection. Some faced jeers and flogging, and even chains and imprisonment. They were put to death by stoning; they were sawed in two; they were killed by the sword. They went about in sheepskins and goatskins, destitute, persecuted and mistreated— 38 the world was not worthy of them. They wandered in deserts and mountains, living in caves and in holes in the ground.

These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised, since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.

Hebrews 11: 32- 40

How many men or women of faith do you know that would be willing to live in caves or holes in the ground due to their faith?  Look around your church.  How many have that kind of faith?  Be that person.  Lead others to build a sure foundation.  But before you can lead them there you must lead yourself.  That is what we are aiming for here.

The warrior life is not about violence or learning martial arts (though that might very well be part of your mission.)  The warrior life is about taking all that the world can throw at you and rising above the fray. 

Supreme excellence consists of breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting. –Sun Tzu

Your mission this week:

This week look for a Bible verse that might define your mission.  For me that verse is Micah 6:8

He has shown you oh man what is good, and what does the Lord require of you but to do justly, to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

This is building your foundation.  The Word of God is same yesterday, today and tomorrow.  Stand on it.  Let it shape you.  It will outlast the worst of circumstances.

The second part of your mission this week is to write down those non-negotiable values that you have.  Really think about them.  Again it is a discipline to record your non-negotiable.  This will give you structure. 

NOTE:  You most likely think you know these.  I have been amazed how often I justify breaking my own value statements.  Writing them and reflecting on them and reviewing them have kept me from violating them as much.

Here is my example:

Personal Values

  • Above all honor Christ in all that I do.  (Do all things as unto the Lord.)
  • Succeed at home, before I attempt to succeed elsewhere.
  • Seek divine help constantly.
  • Never, Never, Never compromise my integrity.
  • Remember the people over the tasks.
  • Hear all sides before making a final judgment.
  • Don’t make a judgment until you must make it, but then make it.
  • Consistently obtain the counsel of others.
  • Laugh out loud daily
  • Live your life as a change agent.  Rock the boat.
  • Be orderly in person and work.
  • Never fear mistakes- learn from them.
  • Embrace Fear
  • Must have balance

Email me what your verse is and why.  Also send me your value statements.   

Legend holds that 300 Spartans held back the Persian hordes.  The hordes are still out there.  The Spartans were ready.  Will you be?

Living the Warrior Life

Living the Warrior Life


Today is D-Day.  If you are reading this post than I am calling you out.  On June 6, 1944 Men from around the world joined together to face down the forces of evil represented by the Nazi forces of Germany.  These men came from different cultures, went to different churches, spoke different languages, had assorted talents but had one goal, one purpose.  They arrived in assorted vehicles but their hearts were centered on being the action to the voices calling for freedom.

Our world today needs these sorts of men and now we can also say women.  It starts with a voice.  Listen to that voice deep within you.  What is your purpose?  Who are you really? What could you accomplish if you really honestly believed it?  Many of the voices today simply complain. 

Many on that day in 1944 were voices of complaint.  They sat comfortably in their warm, safe homes and let the world know that they were angry.  But they did not seek the opportunity to help bring the change the world needed.  Most today who rant and rave through social media would never actually lend a hand to enact what their mouths are spewing.  They want to sound courageous but they are cowards.

Rise up mighty warrior.  It was not easy for those men in 1944.  But they went through training.  They prepared not only their bodies but their hearts and minds as well.   You must prepare.

For most of my life I have been a leader.  It started with silly made up clubs as a kid.   But soon evolved to Boy Scouts (I was an Eagle Scout), and then I added to the mix church leadership in youth group.  A few years out of High School I joined the military and later was a small church pastor.  For the past 17 years or so I have been engaged in learning leadership with a purpose.  The purpose is to help as many people as possible rise above the poverty line and discover hope and opportunity. 

What I have learned and continue to learn is that leadership is not a position, or a moment but really a lifestyle.   When you engage in the lifestyle of a warrior you look for opportunities to learn and grow around every turn.  You focus your development.  You learn the value of time and preparation.  You learn more about how to be well rounded and open to new ideas.  Leadership is being a warrior.  Leadership is living the warrior life.

This lifestyle will be described in three sections.  First we will call you out to BE THE LEADER.  Too many people want the position without the responsibility.  Being the leader will require sacrifice.

 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:13

Unfortunately many don’t want to pay the price to be the leader.  They want the paycheck without the effort.  They envision winning the gold medal without the sweat, pain and toil of greatness.  Being the leader will not be easy.  You must study, practice, develop and live a disciplined life.

Second we will call you to BE THE WARRIOR. This does not mean that you are a bully.  A bully is really just a coward anyway.  Being the warrior is risky business.  This will require you to seek excellence without being lured into the temptation of perfection.  This will call out the courage within you to stand alone if needed.  This is not just a title but an attitude.

Finally we will call you out to BE THE STORM.  The warrior life will be a great disrupter of the status quo.  The storm will make you change direction.  The storm cleanses as it destroys.  The storm reveals weaknesses and exposes the fake.  You will not be applauded.  Never will they clap for you while you live.  But if you are particularly fortunate, and if God so wills it.  You will be a legend.

Join us in this series each week.  Dare to dream.  Ask questions.  Take risks and let us together change the world.

Your Training Assignment

This week ask God who you really are and seek his mission for your life. These are two very different things.

Who you are is what makes you special.  Your life mission gives you overall focus regardless of your skills and abilities or even opportunities.

What makes me so special?  I am a servant of the Living God.

My life mission: I am a warrior monk and will live my life with integrity.  I will live in wisdom, in endurance and in great health. I will leave no one behind whether that is family, friend or foe.  My heart will be forever trained in the ways of the Christ.

You will also have a current mission to accomplish.  Think about what that might be.  Mine below has been consistent over the past several years with more focus on one aspect or another.

Current Mission 2019

  • I will lead efforts to serve the poor of my community.
  • I will partner with others in my community to cause it to reflect Godly principles.
  • I will partner with others toward helping as many people as possible to get above the poverty line.
  • I will be the be the voice of reform.

Send your personal definition, your overall mission and your current mission to and let us work together to become a band of warriors reshaping the culture.

Jesus had a secret ambition.  His ambition was to die for the all mankind.  He was so focused on this ambition that he let it slip out once in awhile.  Even so, none of his followers really understood what He was up to until after His resurrection.  But this secret ambition, current mission and life purpose enabled Him to take on the disappointment, pain, rejection, torture and death. 

Before we start this journey you must create this secret ambition.  Do that this week at least in draft form.  Make it definite.  Never use words like, “I hope to”.  “I will” must be the center of each statement.  Note:  It is likely less awesome than dyeing on the cross for the salvation of all mankind.  However, the world needs you to do this.

It is my secret ambition that gets me up every morning at 4am. (More on that later.)  It is the current mission that strengthens my desire to be patient.  It is my life mission that focuses my entire life.

Email me your drafts and let us live the warrior life together.  I am looking for 300 that can stand at the gates of fire and hold back the forces of evil.  300 that are dedicated to lay down their lives for the future of the world.