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Restoration Program

Addiction and other dysfunctions are destroying families across our region. The reality is that most families do not know what to do with their loved ones who are causing so much trouble. That is where the Gospel Rescue Mission’s Restoration Program comes in. Starting next February, families will have a program just for them. This will be a time for education and support. Like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter or ask to be put on our email list so that we can let you know when the first classes start. 


You can help change a life

Life Recovery

Those who are experiencing the pain of addiction or other life challenges can apply to be a part of our Life Recovery Program. Our Life Recovery Program will teach participants, not only how to overcome addictions or compulsive disorders, but more of how to live a transformed life.

Participants in the recovery program will receive a medical evaluation and their health needs will be addressed individually. Recreational activities will be developed to encourage healthy lifestyles. 

Participants in our recovery and our restoration programs will have an opportunity to further their education through formal institutions or by working in one of our social business operations, such as culinary arts. 

Long-term and lasting healing can only come through Jesus Christ. All phases of our program will provide in-depth discipleship. 

Successful integration into a productive life depends on the ability to adequately develop life skills. We will teach participants practical skills, healthy living skills, job-related skills, social skills, conflict resolution skills, hygiene, goal planning, and other basic skills needed to succeed in life. 

In Luke 2:52 we learn that Jesus grew physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. All of our programs will be, or are, designed to help you do the same.

Social Business

Our vision for the future includes building sustainable businesses that not only give a great product to their customers, but also serves a need in our region.

Spiritual Growth and Development

Our first name is Gospel, and as an arm of the Church, we want to help and support those in the community that are looking for something a little more intense than your average Bible study.

Spiritual restoration will be the core of the programs provided, and participants will go through a 24 week intensive discipleship program. This “self-confrontational” program is designed to teach people how to examine their standing with God so they can live in a manner that pleases the Lord and help others do the same. If you are ready for an in-depth discipleship program, let us know. This program will be open to the public. 

Working with those experiencing poverty can be challenging. Often there is a miscommunication due to cultural differences and frustration ensues. Coming soon, we will offer a Sunday School or Wednesday evening option to help the local church learn more about how to help those who are experiencing poverty.