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Jack’s Story

Volunteers are one of our most precious resources here at Gospel Rescue Mission. Even though some of the tasks don’t always feel super “rewarding,” like doing dishes or manning the front desk, it is making a HUGE impact on the guests, whether you see it or not. The peaceful presence of a volunteer can sometimes…
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Lillian’s Story

Picture this: A small diminutive tree, mostly dried out, and dying. The branches are brittle, no longer green and pliable, and the leaves are dropping off, drifting off toward the ground. The landscape is trying to reclaim this tree, trying to call it back to the earth from where it came. All but one branch…
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Jessica and Camille- Doorways of Hope A Volunteer Story

Jessica is an amazing volunteer here at Gospel Rescue Mission. She is a leader for Doorways of Hope which is a faith-based recovery program for people with addiction, abusive relationships, grief, and anyone that is hurting. It is a mandatory program for our guests, but it is also open to the public and anyone is…
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