Scott’s Story

Even at age 22, a major setback can seriously delay even the best laid plans, but with diligence, an open heart, and willing spirit, you can get back on track, no matter how far you’ve veered off the path. Scott knows all too well the struggle of getting back on the right path, but with God’s blessings and support from Gospel Rescue Mission, the right path is just ahead of him.

Things were going well for Scott. After a patch of troubled times, he found himself at Tulsa Job Corps and enrolled into their CNA program. They were teaching him about the importance of a career versus just a job, managing his finances, and helping him to get identification and his GED so that he could gain meaningful employment once he graduated. The finish line was fast approaching as his graduation date got closer, but falling in with the wrong people, Scott found himself exited from their program. Within 6 months, he knew he couldn’t do it by himself, and he would need help to get back on his feet. That’s when he came to Gospel Rescue Mission and just in time. The COVID-19 pandemic was quickly shutting the world down around him.

Although he’s found some shelter from the storm, his struggle now is employment. With very few businesses doing any hiring at all right now, Scott, like most of us, is finding himself in a strange limbo, caught between life the way it used to be and “life after COVID.” He told us, “I’d like to work, but this COVID is just crazy!” At GRM though, we are helping our guests to take this time to refocus. With stimulus checks coming in, we’re doing our part to help our guests, like Scott, plan for the future so that this rare blessing isn’t squandered.

So, what’s Scott’s plan? Save his money, find a job, and having already been in communication with job corps, he can return and finish his program once things get back to normal.  In the meantime, Scott’s hands are far from idle. He has joined our Work start program to get a jump on additional work skills and even gave us a helping hand making face masks for the community last week. Always with a warm smile and respectful greeting, Scott is working to stay on the right path.