Alvin’s Story

After 30 years of marriage with more than its fair share of bumps, Alvin found himself in a predicament that he had never imagined: he was getting divorced. And to top it off, he had been battling diabetes for quite some time. It was starting to take a toll on one of his legs, making it hard for him to work or get around. Without his wife to help him, he turned to his daughter for a place to stay as his marriage came to an end.

The arrangement worked out well for them both for nearly six years. It was during this time that Alvin lost his leg to diabetes and the once hard-working man was forced into a wheelchair. No matter though, because with the help of his daughter and a prosthetic leg on the horizon, he was confident he would be able to walk again someday.  His daughter grew into a mature woman, she married, and eventually they became pregnant with a sweet little bundle of joy. With space being tight, Alvin knew that his time there had run its course, and they decided that it was best that he left and let his daughter focus on building a family of her own. He was sad to leave, but so happy to see her growing, so he was optimistic for the future. The question now was, where was he to go?

The answer was Gospel Rescue Mission. And it wasn’t long after checking in that Alvin finally received his prosthetic leg and started rehabilitation services to get the hang of it. Only three weeks in, and he’s already pushing himself to stand and walk more on it because he knows that the faster he adjusts to his new leg, the faster he can get back to what he truly loves to do: cars.

Once featured in a prominent hot rod magazine, Alvin has a deep-seated passion for all things auto. He specializes in modifications with custom paint jobs, sound systems, and fabrications. He was so enthralled in the lifestyle before the issues with his leg that he was able to meet many folks that ran in the auto-restoration arena, including Gas Monkey’s Richard Rawlings (he even signed the dashboard of his truck!). With two of his own trucks on stand-by just waiting for his magic touch, Alvin is more than excited to get the use of his leg back so he can finish them and eventually get back out there on his own two feet.

His positive attitude is so refreshing! Despite his challenges, he continues to look toward the future, and for Alvin, the future is bright!