Amber’s Story

Amber (Left) on intake (Right) 3 weeks of sobriety

Her past was riddled with drug addiction. She never could remember counting any days that she might’ve been sober, it all just kind of ran together. Amber was brought to her breaking point when the condition of her mental state started to deteriorate. She had no place to go and was desperate to quiet her mind and get some focus so that she could pull her life back together. She turned to a mental health facility for answers.

While they couldn’t provide her with the right solution at the time, they did give her a crucial tool that she could use. They referred her to us here at Gospel Rescue Mission. Using our connections with local agencies within our community, such as Green Country Behavioral Health, Amber was able to get help for her mental health, and they were finally able to find a medication that worked for her. As she sat telling her story, you could visibly see the difference in her behavior, and see that she was more calm than in previous conversations. The difference wasn’t just in behavior, but in her appearance, and her heart, as well.

Meets Mondays at 6 pm in the Bankston Chapel or on Facebook Live

She recently rededicated her life to Christ during the Easter service. While she is in the baby stages of Christianity and beginning to build that relationship with God, she is eager to learn more about Him and to be closer to Him. She attends Celebrate Recovery and Freedom Club and enjoys the spirit she feels while she’s worshiping. We’re so glad we are getting to join her as she takes the next steps in her faith! And speaking of next steps, Amber is also getting close to receiving her chip for being 1 month drug-free!

Clean now for 3 weeks, sobriety looks great on Amber! When we showed her the picture taken at the time of her check-in 2 weeks ago, she burst into tears. “I’m so proud of myself,” she cried. “I can do this. All I need is the chance.” That is what we are able to provide here at GRM. We can’t promise that every guest’s story will turn out sunshine and roses, not even Amber’s, but we can guarantee that every guest will have the chance for that happy ending, because at Gospel Rescue Mission, Opportunity is Guaranteed.