April’s Story

April, a Christian, came to the Gospel Rescue Mission two months ago “very down and out and had a hard time relating to God.”

Since arriving at the mission, GRM staff provided her spiritual counseling and advice.

“I’m re-establishing my faith in God and want to do better for myself,” she said.

She is enrolled in GritU, which teaches life skills, coming together with God and teaches you about God and work and other topics and skills.

Mission staff helped her with job skills training and job interviews. She was interviewed for a job on a Friday and was hired that next Monday. April is going to save her money for an apartment.

She heard about the mission while she was in the Muskogee County-City Jail. A fellow inmate told her about the mission. After her release she tried staying with her sister in Tulsa but that didn’t work out so she turned to the mission.

“I was very nervous and apprehensive but the people here were friendly and made me feel very welcome,” she said. “They helped me get my medication … and get my birth certificate.”

Mission staff also helped her obtain an Electronic Benefit Transfer that helps pay for her food. 

“This place’s motto is, “Not a hand out, but a hand up” and I respect that.

April has been free from drugs for nine months but had the opportunity to use at one time but walked away from it.

If she wasn’t at the mission she would probably be on the street doing drugs, she said.

If it wasn’t for the staff at the mission she probably would not have stayed. One of the reasons she didn’t leave is that the staff “listens to you when you want to talk.”

As to how the mission has improved her self-esteem, she said, 

“This place makes me feel like I can reach and grab the stars.”

Thanks to supporters like you April and others can reach out and grab the stars!  Consider making a 3 year pledge to GRM so that our community can be full of stars.