Brandon’s Story:

Close your eyes and imagine this: you’ve built yourself a wonderful life with a wife, a great-paying job, a huge 5-story house in the country, nice vehicle, and everything is going well for you. Think of the security that you would feel knowing that you have put this life together for yourself. There’s nothing to worry about, the bills are getting paid, and you are generally happy. Then, from seemingly out of nowhere, you wind up on the losing end of a bitter divorce battle, losing your house, your comforts, and instantly being knocked back to square one without hardly any money to start over with. You’ve lost the love that you thought was going to carry you through trying times like this. You’re alone, and now you’re being forced out of your beautiful home and into a rental. How would you feel? Devastated? Hopeless? Depressed? Would you seek out old friendships, even if you knew they might not be the best thing for you, just to avoid the loneliness and pain? Now, open your eyes, shake all that off, and come back to your own reality. Unfortunately for Brandon, he couldn’t ‘just shake it off.’ That was his reality. 

It was 2017 when the divorce shook him to his core. He started running with the wrong crowd and that’s when things really got out of control. Proverbs 13:20 tells us that, “He who walks with the wise grows wise, but a companion of fools suffers harms.” This couldn’t be more true for Brandon. He and his friends, all high on meth, decided it would be a great idea to steal a privately-owned helicopter. They were obviously caught, and Brandon did a year in prison for a ‘good time’ that quickly went south. While he was in, he lost everything: his home, his belongings, his car; it was all gone. And here he was, released from prison with nowhere to go and not a penny to his name. He could’ve been bitter, but he chose to be better instead.

He thought he was just going to find a bed, a hot meal, and maybe a change of clothes when he checked in here at Gospel Rescue Mission a few weeks ago, but what he found instead was a place of hope. He found a place where he could get spiritually fulfilled and regroup for the next phase of his life. He wasn’t looking at GRM as ‘rock bottom,’ instead, he told me, “I’m using this as a firm foundation to rebuild on.” He’s already back to work in the field of auto mechanics, bought a motorcycle so he’ll have some transportation, and his next step is to get into a place of his own. What’s his dream? To be financially stable enough to have his own place, own his dream car (a 2014 E-550 class Mercedes Benz—he was very specific about that down to the interior, features, and options—talk about a vision!), and spend his spare time volunteering at animal shelters. “I want to be part of the community and make a difference,” he says.

If you have ever considered donating or volunteering for a good cause, consider Gospel Rescue Mission. There’s more to GRM than just food, clothing, and shelter. There’s a pathway to a spiritual awakening where God can work miracles in the lives of the men and women here. We see His spirit moving through our guests all of the time. There’s hope because they can see past the dirty sidewalk they’ve been sleeping on and grimy clothes they’ve been wearing to what could be if they work hard for it. We’re not a place for handouts, we’re a place for a hand up. And you can be part of the change that’s sparking in lives here at GRM each and every day. So, if you’ve been thinking about donating or volunteering, but haven’t been ready to make the move, come see what we’re all about by scheduling a tour of our facilities. We are an open book, and we want to share the story of our men and women with you! Contact Rich at to schedule your tour and see how you can help at Gospel Rescue Mission.