Brandon’s Story

Losing things can be frustrating.  Looking for that one file on the computer, your keys or your favorite shirt that you wife thought would be better as a rag can drive you crazy.  Brandon Bramlage from Oklahoma City lost his job, wife, kids and home all in less than 7 months.

This oilfield supervisor was doing well surrounded by five children in a loving homes and fulfilling and exciting work.  But when he was laid off Brandon did not have the tools to cope with the humiliation of being unemployed and when it was difficult to find similar work he began using methamphetamine to muddle through or rather ignore life.

That is when the downward spiral that had become his life finally hit bottom. Brandon woke up to find that he was homeless and alone. At GRM he found structure that empowered him to make some new choices.  He found that accountability made him stronger than his addiction.  He found that he liked church and church people.  He found that liked to be busy and a part of the community.  Most importantly Brandon found a relationship with Jesus and his most important and valuable moments of every day are when he is praying and visiting with Him.

This relationship with Him has given him a love for others and as he grows he encourages others to stay sober and he deliberately looks for ways to help other people.  Brandon has fond joy and healing in service to others

Now Brandon is moving back toward his dream life, because of your help.  As he heals he becomes the dad and husband that his family needs and he looks forward to restoring that relationship as his next step.  From there he prays for opportunity to get back to the oil fields where he can use the leadership skills that God gave to him.