Chris’s Story

Like a lot of folks who experience homelessness, Chris had an excellent childhood. He had loving parents who provided him with a comfortable life throughout his time at home. Even the best of parents can’t control every choice their child makes, and although we (parents) do everything we can to steer them in the right direction when those choices arise, at the end of the day, we have to let them learn their own way. Some kids learn from the mistakes of their parents or older siblings, while others, like Chris, have to figure it out on their own. And at the age of 14, Chris was on a mission to figure out a lot.

He got in with the wrong crowd and started drinking in his early teenage years. While it was manageable in the beginning, the buzz he was chasing led him right into drug abuse. By the time he was 23 years old, he found himself homeless and struggling with a powerful addiction to drugs and alcohol. With no where else to turn, he came to Gospel Rescue Mission.

He cleaned up, and as his sobriety started taking hold, he found that the pieces of his life he had been missing were starting to finally come into focus. “Being here showed me there’s more to life [than addiction], and it got me closer to God.” He landed a great job, got a car, started paying on his fines, and he’ll be in his own apartment as early as next week! While things are going well, Chris is quick to remember that he couldn’t have done this without his faith, and that his battle with addiction is far from over. It’s a day-by-day challenge, so while working out the details of life on his own are important, the rest he’s taking a day at a time, just staying focused on staying sober. “All the rest,” he said about his goals for the future, “will fall into place. You just gotta keep trying, and don’t give up no matter how hard it gets.”

When you support Gospel Rescue Mission, you are supporting men and women just like Chris, who made some bad choices, but are ready to buckle down and do the work to get their lives back on track. Thank you to all our volunteers and donors who make stories like these happen every day here at GRM!