Clarence Richardson’s Story

As a high school wrestler, Clarence Richardson, would take on anyone.  No opponent was too tough, too big or too strong for this full blooded Oakie from Muskogee. 

After graduating high school in 1974, Clarence wrestled his way into and out of a wide assortment of jobs.  It seemed that he could never settle down and get a stable life.  In the midst of this instablity , Clarence was arrested and ultimately sentenced to prison for seven years. 

When he was finally released he was given disability and his most pressing wrestling match began as he started using crack cocaine and marijuana.  It was this addiction that led to his divorce and a new life of wrestling from town to town and home to home. 

No matter how much he trained and wrestled with his addiction he always came out defeated.  In desperation he arrived at the Gospel Rescue Mission.  He has now been living in victory for about four months clean and has become the voice of freedom to many others around the mission.  Here he learned more about himself and more importantly more about Jesus.

He discovered that God loves him despite his mistakes and wants to do something wonderful with this 63 year old man.  When he was young, Clarence wanted to be a professional athlete but now he wants to tell the world about how he’s made it so far, and the mistakes he’s made.  Even more proudly he would like to share with anyone that will listen about a savior that wrestled him to the mat and then set him free from a life of addiction and shame. 

Your donations help men and women win their wrestling match with addiction.