Daniel’s Story

When you imagine Christmas dinner in your home I am sure that you imagine a great Christmas ham or turkey with all of the fixings.

But for Daniel the meal he had last Christmas was Ramen noodles with a side of  loneliness, regret and hunger (serious hunger).

 Having spent most of his life trying to flee the memories from childhood abuse and neglect Daniel joined a wandering tribe of renaissance players that came to Muskogee. 

Daniel learned from these men and women how to survive on very little and how to love very much.  The travels were filled with adventures and short moments of terror as they often slept in places not meant for human habitation.  Daniel’s travels could fill a tour guide of the southeastern portion of the nation.  Florida, Mississippi and Alabama were all stopping points where the troop could earn a living.  In Biloxi, Mississippi Daniel had a heart attack and was in the hospital when the troop needed to move onto the next show.  Daniel was alone as Christmas approached.

After the hospital released him on December 23 he found a hotel room and used the last of his money to purchase Christmas presents for the children of some friends.  He had just enough left over to buy some Ramen noodles.  He invited his friends to come and spend Christmas with him. The friends brought presents for each other that they allowed Daniel to open so that he would not feel left out.  They meant the gesture to help him feel a part of the family, but instead it made him feel even more alone.

Loneliness drove Daniel to attempt suicide.  His last attempt was to step in front of a semi truck that swerved to miss him.  Having survived he returned to GRM where he had stayed before.  He knew that there they would help resurrect the hope he desperately needed as well as a roof over his head, three meals a day and an opportunity to reconnect with God.

With three nourishing meals each day, safe shelter and constant encouragement from Scriptures and mentors, Daniel is well on his way to recovery.

A gift today will help more men and women like Daniel have a second chance in life -– and it can all start with a hot meal and safe shelter at The Gospel Rescue Mission this Christmas.