David’s Story

“I thought I had it under control, but then next thing I knew, I lost it,” David said matter-of-factly as he recanted his story of addiction to me. Here he was at the Gospel Rescue Mission, homeless, divorced, and with no where to go. So how did a husband and father of two, who was faith-filled and making decent money, fall so far?

This is the story of David. He was devoted to God and loved to be in church. His childhood was like any other childhood. But as often happens with teenagers, friends can have a powerful effect and the wrong friends can be overwhelmingly destructive. David was working long hours at his new job, and he was so tired, he was struggling to complete his shift. His manager, along with some of his work friends, offered a solution to his exhaustion. Meth. So at sixteen and under the influence of peer pressure, David tried meth for the first time, and it completely altered his world.

At first it was manageable. He would take some to get through work, not a lot, just enough to get him through the day. However, as time went on, it became harder to just take some when he made enough money to have more. Soon, he was a full-on addict. But David knew that wasn’t the life he wanted to lead. He still had Jesus in his heart, and there just wasn’t enough room for God and drugs, so he had to get clean. He turned to Teen Challenge for help, and it was very effective. In a short time, David was clean and sober and back to a normal life. He got married, had two children, and for 12 years, things were going great. But wait… how did David end up at Gospel Rescue Mission?

The relationship went sour. They were constantly fighting, and the stress of dealing with the bad relationship on top of keeping up with all his other responsibilities as the head of household, quickly became overwhelming. Then he snapped and turned back to meth. What he thought would help, made the situation ten times worse though, and their marriage ended in divorce, and his wife was awarded custody of the children. At an all time low, he looked around and realized that meth had cost him his wife, his job, his kids, and his home. He knew he needed to clean up again, but this time for good, so he came to the Gospel Rescue Mission.

Now, if you come visit us in the late afternoons, you can see David walking the campus, playing Christian music through his phone and portable speaker. He is now clean again, and he’s rededicated his life to Christ. He’s back to work full-time as an independent contractor doing remodeling and construction. His boss is a man he used to go to church with in Tahlequah before he came to Muskogee. He’s surrounded himself with good people and won’t let himself fall back into the snares of addiction. “Gospel Rescue Mission is giving me the steppingstones I need to help me get back on my feet,” he told me. He’s not out of the woods yet. He’s saving up for his own place and still working through our programs here, but he’s well on his way to a happy ending! This story couldn’t be made possible without the help from our volunteers, financial donors, and of course the healing powers of Jesus Christ!