Deena’s Story Continued

Some of you might remember Deena. A woman that suffered great pain and abuse and had finally had enough. With the help of a friend, she had the courage to leave, the strength to stay gone, and through her faith in God, she turned her life around. Gospel Rescue Mission was Deena’s home for several months after she made the decision to leave her abuser. The addiction that had been numbing her pain was no longer welcome in her life, and she kicked it to the curb too. She was ready to put her life back together.

That’s where we had left Deena; clean and sober with a renewed spirit, strong relationship with God, and mending things with her children. So where is she now?

Well, if you come to Doorways of Hope on Monday nights, or periodically throughout the week, you’ll still see her here, all smiles and full of energy! But it’s not because she lives here, it’s because now she volunteers here! Deena had a pull at her heart several weeks ago, that little tug when God is trying to tell us something. She heard Him, and after deep prayer, she knew that God was calling her out of Gospel Rescue Mission. She had learned what she needed to, and now she was ready for her next step. No, Deena isn’t all the way out on her own, but she’s almost there. Just like in recovery, getting back into the groove of life isn’t done in the blink of an eye. So, with so much still going on in her life, why does Deena come here to volunteer?

“I want to give back to this place because it’s given me so much,” she replied when we asked that same question. “I want to show the people here that you can have fun, because I do, without drugs or alcohol.” And she is true to her word! You can walk through the lobby and see her smiling face, laughing and carrying on, and everyone can see that sparkle. The sparkle comes only through the love of Jesus, and she’s got plenty of that! At first, she was nervous that she wouldn’t have anything to offer. She had no special skills, no formal training, but as we’ve seen time and time again in the Bible, God uses some of the most unlikely of vessels to do His biggest works.

“There’s so much of a need at Gospel Rescue Mission,” she said, “even if you don’t think you have anything to offer. If you feel God is leading you to this place, it means He has a purpose for you here.” Deena is still working toward becoming a Peer Recovery Support Specialist, so as she moves toward that goal, she spends her spare time here helping others.

If you are interested in becoming a Gospel Rescue Mission volunteer, you don’t have to have any special skill set AT ALL! We are needing prayer warriors that can join with us to pray for our organization, either on site, in a prayer group, or even just in the comfort of your own home. We are looking for people for our mentorship program that can just spend some time with a guest talking with them about their struggles. We are looking for people to help in other departments as well, like serving a meal, or cooking a meal and bringing it by. Tell us what you enjoy doing, and with God’s guidance, we’ll find just the right spot for you! Contact Charolette to join our volunteer team at or call her at 918-682-3489 ext 108. We look forward to having you