Deena’s Story

Strong Start

Deena had a fabulous childhood.  Her memories of family and friends are filled with laughter and positive experiences.  In the eighth grade she had accepted Christ and her future looked bright.  She could not imagine how a few small, choices would lead to such a different life than she had imagined.

The Stumble

In her junior year of High School Deena discovered that she was pregnant.  Filled with shame she decided to drop out of high school until she had the baby.  While she did get her GED she never went back to high school.  After some moving around, Deena moved back to Illinois to marry the baby’s father.  When that relationship came unraveled Deena moved to Tulsa to be near her mother.  She now had a son and a daughter to care for so took a job at Sonic in an attempt to make ends meet.

The Fall

In 1994, Deena began using methamphetamine and alcohol to help her detach from the mess of her world.  When her father died in 1998 her life came unhitched and she began using drugs and alcohol every single day.  She sent her daughter to live with the child’s father (She wouldn’t see her again for 5 years.)

By 2001 her son started getting into trouble and ultimately went to prison.

In 2004 Deena got married and when her daughter said that she needed her mother they were reunited and Deena quit drugs and alcohol.  When Deena’s daughter joined the military in 2008 Deena was privileged to raise her granddaughter for about four years.

While she was down

By 2013 the secret that Deena finally had to admit that she had been living in an abusive relationship.  She could see no way out of his control but summoning up her courage she finally separated from her husband.  But like so often happens she quickly found herself in another abusive relationship.  She again plummeted into the world of addiction.

First faint glimmer of Hope

A friend of hers that deeply loved her and saw the sorrow of her life and is now an employee Gospel Rescue Mission talked Deena into coming to the Miller Family Center for Life Change that was in February of 2019.

  Hope revealed

It was during this time at the Gospel Rescue Mission that Deena remembered her first love.  Jesus reminded her of who she is.  Deena is not an addict, not a burden, not garbage; Deena is a child of the most High God!  This God is sovereign and all powerful.  If He thinks that she is special, Deena knows she must be as well.  This love and this grace is teaching Deena to care about others and to share His love.  Her life is now filled with purpose.

Sharing the Grace

 Deena’s Dream: Deena would like to be a peer recovery support specialist and give back to people in need.

Pray for Deena

Prayer request.: Deena would like people to pray that her relationship with her children would be restored.

Learn More

Unfortunately, many parts of the Deena’s story are not unique. Many women in our community and in communities around the nation experience domestic abuse. Learn more by reading our white paper on Domestic Abuse