Eric’s Story:

What do you do when life flips you upside down, Kung Fu style? You check into Gospel Rescue Mission, start training, then get back out there, and show it what you’re made of: the kind of faith that can move mountains, the hard work it takes to dig out of the deepest hole, and the determination to see it through, no matter how fierce the opponent. Or at least that’s what Eric’s doing. Here’s his story…

Eric was a licensed plumber with a degree in electrical construction as well. Knowledgeable in all areas of handy work, he was the guy you wanted on your team. After some time, he decided to start his own business teaching others these highly sought-after traits while also building up a company based on excellent customer service and a high moral foundation. And things were rocking and rolling. He began branching out into commercial projects, eventually landing work in a hotel. Word spread like wildfire about how good his company was, and before Eric knew it, he was servicing multiple hotels with new builds, maintenance, and other things, allowing him to put all of his focus on this highly lucrative industry. Life was good.

As he began working on a hotel project worth nearly three quarters of a million dollars, things were beginning to go sideways with the client. After a good-sized portion of the build had been completed, the owner began to change his mind on the layout of the build. Over the course of the project, the owner had requested nine different plan changes, which added more and more to the cost of the project, not to mention going back over work that had already been done, tearing it out and starting over in spots. Eric finally reached the point where the contract needed to be renegotiated to allow for extra expenditures because of the owner’s frivolous requests. The owner refused to renegotiate, putting Eric in a very uncomfortable position. If he executed the current plan, assuming there would be no more changes which was obviously an uncertainty, he would barely break even on the project that had already consumed weeks of his time. It was time to cut the cord.

In a twist of events that he never saw coming, his lead journeyman resigned and went into his own plumbing business with the well-connected hotel owner. All of the other hotels that Eric had been working with followed the lead of their hotel-owner friend, leaving Eric high and dry and holding an unpaid invoice worth over $700,000 and bills from his suppliers stacked to the ceiling from the material costs that were incurred during the project. He had one credit card left that wasn’t maxed out, and he decided to hire a lawyer and fight for what was owed to him. The response from his lawyer and the officials that were involved was mind-blowing.

The lawyer, at first gung-ho about the case and excited to get to work, suddenly called saying he could no longer represent him but couldn’t explain why. The inspectors that came out to check his work and document the progress before Eric could officially pull off the job, suddenly became less willing to help in Eric’s case. The whole thing was falling apart at the seams. In the meantime, his suppliers were cancelling his accounts, his credit cards were going to collections, and his equipment was having to be sent back. Although he landed a contract with a gas station chain which was a true blessing from God, without equipment, suppliers, or cash flow, Eric had no way to sustain it or further his growth. His court case had fallen apart, and now he had no lawyer. His plumbing business was dead in the water. And so were his assets. His power got shut off at his house, and then went the water. He was an absolute mess, and his mental health break landed him at the Crisis Unit. When he was released, they brought him to us here at Gospel Rescue Mission.

Eric is the hardest of workers though, and while he’s still working on getting traction on his case and working with his new lawyer to try some other options, his positive attitude is truly incredible. “I’ve laid it at the throne of God. Revenge is His… and it will all be for His glory.” He is dependable, reliable, and faith-filled. While he’s having a rough go of it at the moment, his faith hasn’t wavered a bit. He’s quick to tell of the wonderful things God’s already done in his life and the things that he trusts God is about to do. Eric’s story might feel like a full one already, but it’s far from over.