Frank’s Story

The incredibly lucrative but highly competitive field of IT was the perfect type of work for Frank. Even just listening to the hum of a computer’s central processing unit allowed him to diagnose certain technical problems that others might miss. Working for a large tech company, he was very happy with the way that life was working out. It’s funny though how quickly things can go awry. Frank was about to learn just how quick.

It was called a company merger, but the reality was that it was a corporate takeover. The company that he had loved so much to work for was being bought out, and it wasn’t long before they started cutting jobs. Despite Frank’s incredible performance, the IT department took the brunt of the layoffs, and Frank was dismissed from his position. But that was just the beginning…

When his father passed away, he knew his mother was going to take it hard. Although he lived far away from his folks, he stayed in constant contact with his mother. Over the phone, everything seemed to be normal, but Frank could tell that she was going to need some extra support, and after having his dream job slip right through his fingers, it was time to move on anyways. When he returned home, however, he found that things were not as they seemed over the phone. A neighbor let him know that God must’ve been steering him home, because she was not doing well at all. Her dementia was taking a toll, and even the most simple tasks, like cooking, were starting to become far too challenging for her, requiring Frank to be home full-time and leave the work force entirely. Unfortunately, five years later at the age of 88, Frank’s mom also passed away.

Although he was now free to go back to work, finding a job in IT after having been out of the game for five years was pretty near impossible. That’s when Frank heard about a lower level position where he could work his way up from the bottom and possibly get into an IT position from there. Since they hardly ever hired IT techs from outside the company, this seemed like the most logical choice, plus it offered a phenomenal retirement package. It wasn’t long before he found himself back to work, although it wasn’t in IT, but he was happy just to be employed and staying busy. With the opportunity to have a great retirement, it made the work a lot easier. Work drama, however, was about to throw a kink in his retirement plans.

There was a lot that happened: he said/she said accusations, his car had been damaged by several mysterious hit-and-runs, a potential romance squashed by jealous co-workers, and a whirlwind of harassment toward Frank that ultimately resulted in legal proceedings and several terminations within the company. The whole fiasco even made the local news. Despite the stress and bullying at work, he still liked the actual job, the possibility of getting back into IT, and then there was still that retirement program that all would make the headaches worth going through. In what appeared to be a setup though, after the story came out and complaints against the company were filed that corroborated Frank’s story, he was suspiciously terminated. That’s what really began Frank’s financial troubles.

He tried to get back into the tech field, but having been out of it nearly a decade at this point, or a lifetime in technology years, he shuffled around from place to place finally landing in Muskogee, OK at Gospel Rescue Mission. Since the tech field is a challenge to re-enter after this long, he is hoping to get back into the same kind of entry level work he did before things went south at his last job, and he already has an interview in the works! He has an amazing attitude, a friendly and personable demeanor, and we are sure that with God’s blessings, Frank will land right back on his feet!