Gay’s Story

Gay was a happily married woman with a great paying job and all of her ducks seemed to be a row. However, a wild hair and the lure of an exciting adventure looming on the horizon was about to disrupt her quiet life. Where would it lead her? Would it be worth it? And was this the path that the Lord was meaning for her to take? With no idea what would transpire, she set out on a journey that would forever change her life.

They weren’t getting along. Gay and her husband were having a difficult time seeing to eye-to-eye, and the conflicts seemed to be escalating. Her work was having a celebration dinner for her in her honor, but her husband wouldn’t even attend it with her. So, she was forced to go alone to her own party. She felt unwanted and unloved. She needed a break. Her cousin who lived in Arizona invited her to come stay for a bit and catch her breath. It seemed like a great choice, and maybe if she could get some distance from her marriage, she would be able to see a little more clearly, so she packed her bags and headed out west. She was working for a prominent financial advisory firm and was lucky enough to be able to just transfer to Arizona. Not long after arriving, her cousin received a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to travel to Africa with Joyce Meyer Ministries, bringing God’s word to a different corner of the world. Gay stayed behind, but an email would soon force her to make a move.

DIVORCE. There it was in black and white. He was filing for divorce, and he didn’t even have the decency to call her. She felt panicked, alone, and before she knew it, she was having a full-blown nervous breakdown. Just as soon as she would start to pull herself together, she would meltdown again. Her husband had turned her daughter and son-in-law completely against her, framing stories to put her in the worst light possible, and then like a poison cherry on top of a mud cake, he was awarded possession of their house. She was left with nothing. And what did he get? Everything: their house, the love and alliance of their daughter, and just two weeks after the divorce was finalized, he got a new wife too.

After the dust had settled, Gay decided that it wasn’t good for her to be alone, so she paired up with her cousin’s niece and her husband. This started an incredible adventure for her where she decided that her and her new travel mates would take off and see the country. She posted on Facebook that anyone that was willing to have them come visit, let her know, and she would be there! They went from state to state, staying with friends, catching up with distant family, and she discovered that people did want her company. She wasn’t unloved, in fact, there were plenty of people that truly enjoyed having her around.

Eventually, she learned that her brother’s health, both mentally and physically, was rapidly declining. She knew she had to step in, so she traveled to see him and stayed there helping him regain his strength and fix up his house that had fell into total disrepair. After sinking quite a bit of money into it, trying to be a good sister, he evicted her. Somewhere in his deteriorated mental state, he had accused her of poisoning him, although his health had actually been improving. Now penniless and homeless, she was a on a new mission of sorts. She felt this was an opportunity for her, a formally middle-class woman, to understand the people of poverty. She felt it was God calling her towards the Gospel Rescue Mission.

Since being here, Gay has formed a new family. Although her background is very different than most of the ladies here, they have formed bonds that will stay even after she has left the Mission. Without so much as a speeding ticket on her record, and no drugs or alcohol in her past, the only real vice she has is a shopping addiction, which she is slowly working through with the help of our rescue team and the support of her dorm mates. “I’m learning compassion without judgement,” she told me about her experience here. “It was like the Lord had to break me down to bring me back up.” She has felt the calling for quite some time to be in the women’s ministry. This experience is helping her to smooth the rough edges so that she can be a better tool for God’s Kingdom. She has an incredible vision, and she has been such a blessing here at Gospel Rescue Mission, helping with orientation and being a great supporter for the other guests. We are so glad that Gay’s journey led her to us!