“George’s” Story

Did you know that the state of Oklahoma holds the country’s second highest divorce rate? George, and a lot of our guests, are no strangers to this fact. Finding love seemed to be no challenge for George, it was the lasting love that he seemed to struggle with. He met the woman that he thought would be the love of his life, but after 5 years, the relationship went sour. While they were never officially married, she filed for a common-law divorce since they had lived together for over 5 years. The judge awarded the land and property to her, and he was out the door.

Quick to bounce back though, George worked hard to get back on his feet. His work experience was full of various skills: Heavy machine operator, certified welder, he even landed a high-paying desirous job working for Cadillac building car frames. It wasn’t long after that he got wind that his land had been sold. Back in a position where he could do something about it, he bought the land back from the new owner. Unfortunately, the love bug bit again, and he let a woman rent from him who refused to pay her part, and once again, the land was lost.

Feeling incapable of picking up the pieces for a heart-wrenching second time, he turned to drugs and eventually suicide to eliminate the constant stress and worry. Three rehabs and a stint to the Green Country Crisis Unit later, George found himself being driven to Gospel Rescue Mission by a Crisis Unit employee for orientation with us. Right away, he felt better and more at peace with himself.

A bull rider and rodeo roadie for his younger years, he’s banged up, but he’s still going strong. Broken bones didn’t stop him, divorce didn’t stop him, and addiction is definitely not stopping him either. While he’s on the job hunt for any kind of meaningful employment right now, his ultimate goal is to work on a ranch, out in the open air with the animals. That’s when he feels free. “I’m here,” he said confidently. “I’m trying to make a better life for myself.” He’s doing amazing at working our program, he’s realized some of his mistakes, and even when he moves on from us, he’ll be taking with him the love of his new GRM family and the loving spirit of God.