Jaime’s Story

Introducing, Doctor Jaime Troy.  Well, not yet.  But that has been Jaime’s dream for as long as she can remember.  But somehow, life got in the way of her dream.

Jaime was born and raised in Indianapolis, Indiana in a family that consistently moved at least once a year.  Throughout those years she experienced mental, physical, sexual, and emotional abuse.   This instability and terror created a deep insecurity that Jaime tries to hide with a friendly voice and welcoming smile. 

With only a 10th grade education but a solid educational record from Wright Career College where she was on the Dean’s Honor roll it looked like she might be able to overcome all of the hurtles and find success.

As the pain became unbearable she sought to comfort the pain by using methamphetamine and marijuana.  Her daughter helped her to realize the pain this was causing others around her so she resolved to quit drugs and trust in God to heal her pain. 

When Jaime arrived to Gospel Rescue Mission from a local treatment facility she was depressed and suicidal.  She was experiencing the deepest form of poverty, hopelessness.  But here she discovered a Savior that loves her as she is and also loves her too much to let her stay there.  He speaks with her and now she knows that she could not make it in this life without Him.

With Him now by her side, Jaime is again starting to hope and consider what a future she might have.  During the first week at Gospel Rescue Mission we encourage our shelter guests to remember their dreams and try to look past any obstacles or discouragements and imagine what life might be like is they were living that life.  We then use that dream as the carrot or the stick to help those that we are serving move toward those dreams.

It is likely in a few years if you are stopping by St. Francis Hospital here in Muskogee and need some intensive medical care you will be able to look up at Dr. Jaime Troy and know that the life that is saving yours was once saved by you.