Jeffrey’s Story

As far back as he could remember, he had always had an addiction to drugs. He remembered lighting his first joint at the age of only 8 years old. It was after his mom passed away when he was 18 that things really started falling apart for Jeffrey. It wasn’t just the physical part of his life, but his mental health also, was slipping away. Before long, he found himself cold and shivering in the rain with no home, no car, and no job.

Freedom Club is our addiction recovery group. Mondays 6pm in the Bankston Chapel or you can view it live on Facebook.

He thanked God for the night that the weather was just so bad that he couldn’t handle the cold anymore and decided to come to GRM for warmth. That was the night that would forever change his life. Renewing his faith in Christ, staying sober, and staying away from the wrong crowd, he’s focused on taking care of himself and staying out of trouble.

As he shared some of his struggles with his mental health disabilities, he reflected on his attitude towards his friends and family when they confronted him about his drug addiction. “I’ve lost a lot of good friends because of my drug use. I thought they were the bad friends, but it turns out I was the one being the bad friend.” It’s so common when we are in the midst of the battle or struggle that we have a tendency to shoot the messengers that only mean well for us. Take the Prophet Jeremiah for instance. When he shared God’s message of destruction for His people because they were disobeying, instead of looking at all they themselves were doing wrong, they tried to kill Jeremiah. Fortunately, Jeffrey has been able to see more clearly since being sober and starting a plan for his mental health, and he can see where he might not have been viewing those conversations from the right angle.

Forging Past the Felony is our support group helping those with a Felony to build a character that wipes away their past.

He is currently taking things slow, moving towards healing, and building a solid foundation for himself. Sobriety is a top priority, so he attends Celebrate Recovery and GRM’s Freedom Club weekly. He began working with Green Country to get a better handle on his mental health. He hopes to someday get his GED and become a fully functioning member of society as he moves away from relying on his disability checks and becoming more self-sufficient as a worker in the community.

If you or someone you know is in need of addiction recovery support, Celebrate Recovery at New Hope Assembly and Boulevard Christian Church, as well GRM’s own Freedom Club, are great starting points to help you on the road to recovery. You don’t have to do it by yourself.