Jodi’s Story

One conversation with Jodi, and you’ll know that she has the sweetest soul. She is kind, she goes out of her way to help others, and she loves God. We wish that was all there was to tell about Jodi, but unfortunately, a brain injury from being hit in the head with a glass ash tray in her 20’s left her suffering from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues that have made her life very challenging. Although Jodi receives disability benefits, it’s barely enough to live on, and as we find with many of our guests who are on disability, one small misstep or financial set back can quickly send you on a path to homelessness.

That’s when she found us. Jodi’s financial issues didn’t stem from car troubles or built up fines or anything like that. It’s because she has such a giving and generous heart. She is so eager to help others that she would give someone the shirt off her back to help a person out. Often, she found herself getting taken advantage of by friends because of her generosity, and that complicated some of her closest relationships. Aside from just the people that she was closest to, Jodi had a deep and caring love for feeding the children of Africa. Unable to balance her desire to help others and her necessity to take care of herself, she found that a good portion of her money was going towards the charities that fed starving children. Eventually, she was forced out of her friend’s home and found her way to GRM. Even here, she is so caring and compassionate that just recently, she saw someone digging out of a trashcan for food, so she went to the store, spending her own money, to buy the person something to eat.

One of the things Jodi struggled with most when she first came to us was getting her medications right. With the right doctor, she was able to get her medications and dosages corrected and that really helped her to balance herself. Her former medication cocktail drove her mad from insomnia to the point that she was suicidal. Under her new medication plan, although she still struggles with confidence, she is bright and shining and has a new lease on life!

She is also mending fences and rebuilding relationships with her daughter who has stayed in very close contact with Jodi. The difference in her life is so clear to those who know Jodi best. She is becoming more independent from her position on the Work Start Program, and she is very proud of her progress there and in her dorm. So proud in fact, that she has realized that she is capable of working, something she never thought she would be able to do. Housekeeping seems to be her niche, and she keeps her areas sparkling clean!

It is apparent to everyone the difference that God is making in Jodi’s life. With her medications in order, her bond with her daughter restored, and the exciting news that she is approved for housing, we are sad, but so so glad that Jodi won’t be with us much longer. Soon she’ll be in a place of her own, and with the tools she got while she was here plus a great support system in her daughter, we are sure Jodi will be doing awesome on her own!