Julia’s Story

She suffered years of abuse at the hands of people she was close to, but when God finally freed her and gave her the courage to leave, she found herself a brand-new woman, ready to step out in faith and to trust His plan for her life. She experienced salvation as a teenager but didn’t always walk with the Lord the way she knew He wanted her to. After she had finally had enough at home and realized that her life depended on her leaving, she felt the Lord guiding her, saying that it was her time to go. Without a place to stay though, a good Samaritan brought her here to Gospel Rescue Mission, where she is picking up the pieces and choosing to move forward.

Now that she is free from the shackles of her former life, Julia is focusing on her mental health and working through the traumas that she has endured in her past. While her journey to life after abuse is only just beginning, she is already feeling more at peace and closer to the Lord, and the hope of a brighter tomorrow is evident in every word she speaks. Coming in to our meeting today, she shared with me an incredible dream she had that God was speaking to her and telling her simply to obey. She felt so overwhelmed with this peaceful spirit when she woke up that she just had to share it with me.

Despite her bruises, she’s always been a hard worker with a background in waiting tables, sales, office administration, management, food services, housekeeping, and she was even a tax agent for a season. She’s not sure which direction God will point her in for employment this time around, but rather than chasing dollars and coming up feeling spiritually frustrated, she’s asking for His guidance as she beings the hunt for a new job. “Listening to God is so important. If He says don’t go here or don’t hang around certain people, it’s because he’s protecting you.”

Her faith is carrying her through this next chapter of her life, and we’re so glad that we get to be a part of her healing process. It’s so refreshing to talk with someone so on fire for God, despite their past, despite their current circumstances, and to see that glimmer of hope as they tell you about their hopes for the future. It goes to show, there is life after abuse. Julia is proof.