LeeAnn’s Story

“I’m grateful that this is my millionth second chance,” said Leann Wright who resides at the Gospel Rescue Mission.

“Everybody, including my friends, had give up on me and my mother had given me to God.”

          She said that the first night she was at the mission she felt that this was home.

          “I thought I knew what humility and gratitude was but I didn’t. I was lying to myself and people that I loved,” she said. “Being here and learning to follow God has taken me down a path and opened up doors.”

          Wright said she had given up on God when she lost her house. “I thought God had abandoned me but He didn’t — I abandoned Him.”

          She said she blamed God for everything instead of taking accountability and responsibility for her actions. “I was lying to myself and manipulating people to get what I needed.”

          Wright said that the residents of the mission are trying to get their lives back together and get on their own to freedom.

          “I thought I would be out of place but I’ve learned more from these people here,” she said. “I feel like this is where I should have always been.”

          She recently accepted a position at Leisure Way Laundry working 36 hours a week.

          “This place can change your life. If it doesn’t then you aren’t ready to change.”

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