“Nicole’s” Story

Imagine being over 2,000 miles away from your family, single, and with a baby. Now imagine that you are about to be evicted. What do you? Where do you go? For Nicole, she had no choice but to return home to a hostile living situation with her older brother and ailing mom. As she made the long journey back home, she wondered, would it better this time around? She was on her way to find out.

Her brother was several years older than she was, and since he had stayed home to care for their mother, who was suffering from several medical conditions, he was granted power of attorney over their mom’s estate. He controlled all the finances, and it was his responsibility to see to it that the funds were put in the right place and all the bills were paid. Since Nicole didn’t have the best relationship with her brother, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to get any financial assistance from her family. At least her and her son would have a safe place to sleep and food to eat until she got back on her feet though.

It wasn’t long after when her mom went in for what should’ve been a fairly simple surgery, however, she wasn’t entirely stable on the hospital bed. She fell over the side and hit her head on the floor. She suffered a triple brain bleed and had to endure more surgeries just to keep her alive. When she was finally stable enough, she had to be put into a nursing home because her condition was beyond what the two siblings could care for on their own. It was at this point that Nicole started to get suspicious of her mother’s financial state, and she decided to investigate.

She got other agencies involved, along with some other family members, to launch a formal investigation, and that’s when everything hit the fan. Accusations were flying back and forth like daggers, until her brother threw one of the most terrible accusations possible: child abuse. She had never laid a hand on him, never left a mark, and no reason to think she ever would. She knew it would be best with everything going on to send her son back to Oklahoma to live with his father. It was just in time too, because the allegations of child abuse against Nicole, and embezzlement against her brother, were starting to catch fire, and it was burning their family down with it.

The investigation against her brother brought to light tens of thousands of dollars that had been fraudulently taken from their mother. Charges were brought against him and the case is still ongoing to this day. In the meantime, the case with DHS against Nicole was ramping up quickly, and she decided it would be best to distance herself from all the drama and return to Oklahoma to be closer to her son.

Unfortunately, in the last few weeks, her mother succumbed to her injuries and passed away. Nicole was crushed at the loss of their family matriarch. And in the midst of this sadness, the ongoing DHS investigation has prevented her from seeing her son in over two months. Right now, Nicole’s focus is to find a lawyer to help her with the DHS issues, and to pick herself up and put herself back together. She has been struggling with mental health because of her situation, but she is not going to let it get her down. She is committed to getting help for herself so that when all this is behind her, she can be best mom that she can possibly be.