Richard’s Story

Richard Anthony came to the Gospel Rescue Mission after losing his housing and spending some time on the streets. 

While there is a widely held stereotype of those who are experiencing homelessness that they are lazy and are all uneducated addicts Richard proudly says that he is does not fit that picture at all.  He is simply a man who has a high school diploma and a dream.  His dream is to own a restaurant.

At the Gospel Rescue Mission we live with the quest to help men and women discover their God given dreams and help them take those first steps toward those dreams.  For Richard he is working at a local diner learning the skills that it will take.  While that is a solid first step, Richard is already looking down the road toward culinary school and also working toward a business degree.

Richard says his attitude has completely changed since coming to GRM.  There are 3 specific ways that Richard says GRM has helped him.

  • Given him hope and a new outlook on life
  • Being around the positive people here
  • An atmosphere where he can pray every night.

With God’s help and your support, Richard will turn this dream into tasty meals and a dining experience that will be second to none.  Our community will be better because someone believed in him.