Robert’s Story

Robert has served his country and now we get to serve him!

Robert Anderson, Jr. is an Air Force Desert Shield veteran who has been living a focused and determined life.  He is a native of Muskogee and owned a home just south of Muskogee. 

For many of you who support the mission, you might say that he is much like you and me.  He works hard, tried to care for family and friends and mostly stayed out of trouble.  But when his wife of 27 years left him unexpectedly in September, Robert was unsure about how to keep going with his life. 

Robert’s one hope has come through a relationship with God.

 “I believe that my relationship with God has been absolutely necessary to my survival through this difficult time.”

Robert   says the mission has helped him by taking care of his physical needs and since he has opportunity to help other guests, the mission has ministered to his emotional and spiritual needs as well.


  • Have a happy life.
  • Continue education on computers
  • See his family again
  • Find employment in a computer related field.