Scott’s Story

Scott Smith accepted Christ at ten years old.  With his whole heart he repented and dedicated his life to God.  Yet, for reasons that he still does not fully understand he grew into a very young man. At the time alcohol and marijuana kept him calm but still that anger simmered just below the surface.

Like many he tried to escape the anger by joining the Army.  He felt that changing his environment and having an outlet for his anger would help him to overcome this deep seated anger.  Nothing he did seemed to work.

After his time of service he took on multiple jobs.  For a season he was a truck driver in North Dakota, worked on an oilfield pipeline among other temporary careers.  None of it helped him overcome this anger.

During that time, Scott tried education.  Many have said that education is the key to getting out of poverty.  However, while Scott excelled in school and received certificates in welding, automotive repair and more, the anger was still there.

Having lost hope that he could ever overcome his anger, Scott turned to mental health professionals who diagnosed him and set him up to receive disability payments.

Now at 30 years old, Scott wants to experience more from his life.  At Gospel Rescue Mission he discovered, Jesus.  He learned that Jesus does not want to simply help him cope with his anger, but to heal him of his anger. 

As God continues to bring healing to his life, Scott has declared that he is ready to go to work and give up disability compensation

  • Scott’s Dream: To be a history teacher and/or coach in high school or college. 

How the mission has helped because of your support.

  1. Scott loves the structure and the routine of the mission program
  2. Housing and food
  3. Positive people around him
  4. Loves the Grit U
  5. Reintroduced Scott to Jesus as healer, friend and Savior