Stanley’s Story

Stanley was a pretty regular guy. But like they tend to do, drugs turned everything on its head. He got involved with the wrong people, and before he knew it, he ended up the target of a local gang. He ended up in jail, and he found himself asking, “How did I ever let it get this bad?” He hit his knees, right there in the jail cell and just prayed that God would help him out of this one. And what seemed like all at once, he felt a calm on him. It was the most peaceful calm he’d ever felt. And in that moment, he realized that all the worrying in the world wouldn’t make his situation better. Only God could do that.

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After being released, he continued to live in the peace. Despite the constant threat of gang retaliation, he refused to give another thought to his old life. He wanted to move forward, and leave the past lying in the dust. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be that easy for Stanley, because not long after, a stroke left him comatose and on life support for seven days. But just like the peace he had felt in jail, the same peace was with him in the hospital, and he knew that God was carrying him. Moreover, his mental health, which required him to have a payee that could receive his checks and help him to pay his bills, seemed to have miraculously improved! He had never felt better!

He had an opportunity to reunite with family, and he jumped at the chance for a fresh start. Different state, different mindset, different setting, different Stanley. Because Stanley needed a payee though, this vulnerable state made him an easy victim, and sadly, some of his family preyed on that and stole money from him, leaving him in an even worse position after terminating his payee’s rights. Now without an assigned payee, and not trusting of anyone else to fill that role, Stanley doesn’t have access to any of his benefits. Getting through the red tape of it is proving to be a challenge, even for the many agencies he is working with.

It’s not slowing him down though, and his positive attitude radiates here at Gospel Rescue Mission. He is officially a member of the custodial team, but to stay busy and help where he can, Stanley also volunteers in our Hospitality and Safety department. Since being here, he has decided to keep his focus on God and building his relationship with Him. “I want to be a good person inside and out.” As Stanley continues to work on his financial situation, spiritually, it’s easy to see that he’s growing.

Unfortunately, these kinds of stories of people taking advantage of the mentally disabled is all too common. We work with our community’s agencies to help these folks address their mental health concerns and provide them with a way to get through the red tape. Imagine being released from jail, only to realize that you have no home, no IDs, and no transportation? How do you even begin to get a driver’s license so that you can work? How do you even start to pay off your court fines if you can’t get a job because you don’t have proper identification? It can be overwhelming, even for those who don’t face the challenges of mental health. GRM is here to help get our guests connected with the right people. With you help we can tell Stanley and others like him that at GRM Opportunity is Guaranteed. Thanks for all your support!