“Susie’s” Story

“Susie” wishes to remain anonymous for this story, so for those reasons, we are not posting a picture of her, and her name has been changed. This story is very jarring and contains graphic details, so reader beware…

At the age of eight, Susie had already experienced more horrific things than most people will in their entire lives. Years of physical abuse (in one incident when she was only five, her father poured bleach in her face as a punishment causing the loss of sight in one of her eyes), verbal abuse, and sexual molestation at the hands of her father eventually got Susie and her nine-year-old sister removed from their home and placed into the foster care system. The family they were placed with were an affluent couple who immediately took to Susie’s sister. After all that she had been through though, Susie was adapting less easily, and she was acting out in ways that were unacceptable to her new foster home. After some time, Susie’s antics of petty theft and lashing out got her removed from their household, while the family moved forward with adoption for her older sister.In a tragic twist, rather than being placed in a new foster home, she was placed back in her mother and father’s home, where the abuse continued and escalated to rape. At only eleven years old, poor little Susie was pregnant with her father’s child.

She carried the baby nearly full term, however, ended up losing it. Could you imagine having a miscarriage or a stillborn baby at eleven years old? Could you imagine that the father of the baby was your own father? This was her reality, something the rest of us wouldn’t be able to fathom in our wildest nightmares, yet here she was living it out in real time. She was put back into foster care, but the emotional and physical damage had already been done. Susie was hopelessly lost in a pit of depression, haunted by the demons of her childhood. She rebelled hard: she stole a police car and drove it straight into the police station the same year she lost her baby.She stole, she started using meth, and her trail of despair drug her deeper and deeper down until she found herself pregnant at 17. The judge that presided over Susie’s many cases saw her predicament and showed some mercy. She granted her emancipation so she could get a place of her own and tried her as a minor. The catch was that Susie must stay clean and stay out of trouble because her next case would be tried as an adult. Could Susie get on the straight and narrow after all she had been through and with no adult guidance?

Susie stayed clean while she was pregnant and was determined for the baby’s sake to be a good a mom. When he was a year old, however, Susie allowed the couple that had adopted her sister to keep the baby temporarily, but they eventually coerced her into signing over her rights, even though Susie was not aware of the implications of that. She hasn’t been allowed to see Ezekiel in over 5 years.

A short time after this whole ordeal, Susie became pregnant again. She knew she still wasn’t in a place to have a child, and so she chose the responsible path and gave the baby up for adoption. Her life was in shambles, made worse by a volatile relationship with the baby’s dad, and she got into smuggling drugs across the Mexico border. Her life was bits and pieces of sorrow, pain, meth addiction, and everything destructive. It was in this “rock bottom” place that Susie decide to put a stop to it. She knew that she had to get better, and she knew this wasn’t the life she wanted to lead, so she put down the drugs. She eventually got clean, the relationship with her boyfriend became healthier, and she became pregnant again.

With no home though, the couple came to the Gospel Rescue Mission. We are happy to report that Susie is still clean, and despite a continuing struggle with depression, she is optimistic about the future. Her boyfriend is working, and they are saving money to get into their own place. She even has a job in the hospitality industry lined up for her after the baby comes. At the age of 24, the first part of Susie’s journey was dark, tragic, and heartbreaking, but she’s found some peace in her new relationship with God. By working through our program here at Gospel Rescue Mission, plus Susie’s incredible strength and resilience, the path for the rest of her life is looking much sunnier!