Tanya’s Story

“I just wish everyone could see me the way I used to be,” she said as she shifted uncomfortably in her seat. Tanya was vivacious, full of energy and life, but you could see it in her mannerisms that she suffered from a lot of pain. Despite several attempts to find career paths that would accommodate her health conditions, she kept coming up empty handed, and eventually she lost her home, and came to Gospel Rescue Mission. So how did it come to this?

She had grown up in a strict household with a mother who prided herself on being tidy, organized, and well-mannered. Of course, she expected her daughter to be just as lady-like, but the more she tried to force it on her, the further Tanya drew back from those expectations. She fell in with the wrong crowd and turned to substances to medicate her frustrations. She was in and out of rehabilitation facilities until finally one day, she was done with drugs for good. She knew it was time to start getting her life together. She got a job doing factory work and also decided to go back to school and get a degree in office administration and office management. However, just before finishing her course, her mom fell extremely ill. Requiring round the clock care, Tanya wasn’t able to finish her degree and had to put her career on the back burner to care for her ailing mother. To make matters worse, after four years of steady employment, she was laid off. While she did receive a small severance package, it wasn’t much. Since her mother needed her, she decided to move in with her and stepped into the role of full-time caregiver.

As her mother’s health worsened, Tanya noticed that her own health was also beginning to decline. She suffered from constant pain in her bones and joints plus extremely painful migraine headaches. After multiple doctor visits, she was told that there was metal in her body that was affecting her joints and causing the painful headaches. There was no remedy, and they felt that her time in the factory had been the culprit. While doing even the most basic of chores gave her excruciating pain, she did her best to hold things together, not just for her, but for her mother as well.

Then tragedy hit, and her mother passed away. Tanya, with no income, was forced to sell her mother’s house since she couldn’t afford the upkeep and got a small place of her own. Unfortunately, her bank account had been hacked by someone she believes she knew, and she lost all her funds. Desperate to make money quickly, she relied on the skills her mother had engrained into her all those years ago—housecleaning. Armed with a few cleaning supplies, some homemade flyers, and a cellphone, she decided to start her own cleaning business. She quickly gained a few steady clients, but after the initial launch, the phone seemed to stop ringing. Concerned that something may have been going on, she went to her phone carrier, only to discover that somehow, the person she believed to have hacked her bank account, had also somehow tampered with her phone and all her calls were being directed to another phone line. Not only was she losing business, she felt that she was losing her since of security.

Feeling that the person responsible might also be out to harm her, she decided to start completely over. She came to Gospel Rescue Mission hoping for a fresh start. While she continues to serve her few steady clients, she is working at her maximum capacity considering her health issues.

While disabilities seem to be slowing her down, you can’t count her out just yet. She is nearing the age for social security benefits, and added to her earnings from housekeeping, she feels confident that she will be able to get back out on her own eventually. While it was obvious watching her frail body shifting in her chair that she was in a good deal of pain, it’s her happy spirit that really shines through. “I’m telling you,” she insisted,” if you could’ve only seen me before.”

Here at GRM, we don’t focus on the past though. We look toward the future, and we help our guests see what could be, even when it might seem difficult or challenging, offering them guidance and support every step of the way. We can’t guarantee that they will follow the advice or take the next steps in their plans for the future, but there is one thing we ALWAYS provide. Here at GRM, we can definitely say that Opportunity is Guaranteed.