Terry’s Story

Living at the Gospel Rescue Mission makes Terry Holland feel like he belongs to a family.

Holland and his wife had their own place and it took both of their salaries to pay for it. They got into an argument and she left, forcing him to move out.

When he moved into the mission he was at rock bottom and felt that the only he could go was up. “I’m a firm believer that God does everything for a reason and He wanted me here.” 

Holland said he doesn’t know where he’d be without Jesus and  now has a positive outlook on life.

He found a seasonal job working one to two days as a landscaper and he’s an apprentice at the mission for the men’s dorm.

Talking about his job, he said, “I feel like I’m part of something and have responsibility and get paid for doing this.”

Holland is taking the third installment of GritU that requires three 1,500-word essays. The current essay he’s working on is Godly relationships.

He plans on  staying at the mission until he makes enough money to get his own place and hopes that he and his wife can get back together and get another place.

“I just really love these people here — they make me feel like I belong to something …”

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