Tonya’s Story

Despite her mental health disability, Tonya has fought for years to be an independent woman. She’s lived with family most of her life, but a couple times she managed to get a place of her own where she could be free to live her life on her own terms. As a Christian, she struggled in a family that didn’t share all of her same convictions, and she felt isolated from those who loved her most. She had been in and out of a few mental health hospitals, and it was after her last stint at one in a nearby city that they brought her here to Muskogee and dropped her off on our doorstep.

She’s far from home, but she feels more at home here than she has any other place in years. We encourage her spirituality, embrace her uniqueness, and we are working to help her get connected with local agencies here that can help her to become that independent woman she knows that she is.  She isn’t without challenges though.

One of the reasons her attempts at life on her own failed is her gambling and shopping addiction. Just as she starts to get on her feet, her money ends up in the cash register of a mall or in a slot machine at the casino. During a church service recently though, she was prayed over, and she could hear God telling her to just lay those addictions down, and He would carry her burden. As she moves forward here, she is working toward getting settled into an addiction recovery program and is already working with Green Country Behavioral Services.

Because of her addictions, she has tons of debt, so while she might have the money right this moment to move out on her own, she understands that she needs more than just an apartment. “I have to live my life fully for Jesus,” she said. “We might slip up sometimes, but we just need to pick ourselves right back up and keep trying.” She is re-establishing her spiritual foundation, in fact, she rededicated her life and was baptized during our Celebration Event, but she also needs counseling, budgeting help, and financial advice. Moving out will actually set her further back from resolving the root issues that caused her to be here at GRM in the first place. Now she is ready to take a step back, clear her unstable foundation, and start fresh with solid materials and good structure. She loves to work, and since she is allowed to work up to 20 hours a week, she is anxious to get into a job that will work with her disability so that she can pay off all her debt. Tonya is a bright little ray of sunshine here, and we are so happy to be working with her to help her achieve her life goals.