Travis’s Story

When mistakes start piling up and go unresolved, they can turn into big problems. For Travis, unpaid fines turned into a possible prison sentence, but the kind heart of a judge made all the difference when he was sentenced to a work release program instead. A work release program is where you are required to have a job, and the pay that you receive for that job goes back to the program that you are in as payment for your room and board. Unfortunately, the place he lived in considered one of his depression medications to be against their policy for accepted prescriptions, so he had to go off of his regular medication. It was challenging at first, keeping everything together without his depression medication, but through hard work and patience, he graduated the program. Upon graduating the work release program, he was able to keep his paychecks, so this was a welcome change, because when he was arrested, he had lost custody of his 12-year-old daughter. The money he was able to now start saving would help him to get back on stable ground and get his daughter back.

He was unable to stay in the program though, so he came to Gospel Rescue Mission. Since his job was tied to that facility, he is having to start from the ground up. Although he doesn’t have a GED or diploma, Travis’s work history is quite impressive. With experience driving forklifts, assembly line work, factory work, and kitchen supervisor all under his belt, we have hopes that it won’t be long before Travis is able to get back to work and get back to life with his daughter. In the meantime, he is brushing up on his customer service skills as a member of our Work Start Program on the Hospitality tract and also volunteering in our kitchen.