Employment First

Employment First is just one element of a new focus, being launched by Gospel Rescue Mission as one part of their efforts toward decreasing the number of men and women living below the poverty line in Muskogee County which according to the last census was a little over 22%.

GRM Work Teams: It has been said that it is easier to get a job if you have a job.  GRM will put together project and day labor groups to get work done.   In this program GRM is the middle man who will put together a team of men and women to get work done on your project.  You simply contact GRM let us know how many you need, where you need them to be and agree to pay them at least $8 an hour.  GRM will put together a team and track their hours for you.  The workers get experience and some cash so that they can pay for training or as one recent participant did, buy work boots for a more long term job that was offered on the condition of having the right footwear.  Call 918-616-8331 or email rich.schaus@grmmuskogee.org to sign your project up or to volunteer for a future work team.


Getting Ahead When Getting Out: This program is helping those with felonies work through the challenges that their past has created for them.  The city of Muskogee has agreed to not look at the felony as a part of their application process for those that participate in this program.




Employment First job training and search: The flagship of this program is the Employment First training and search element. Those that complete the classes will receive a training certificate that will give you an edge when you go to apply for a job.    Click here to get started:


GRM is dedicated to being more than a shelter. We feed the hungry, cloth the naked and give hope to those that are feeling hopeless.  To support Gospel Rescue Mission visit us online at grmmuskogee.org and click on the donation button.  Additionally you can mail donations to PO Box 7004 Muskogee, OK 74402