Living the Warrior Life D-Day +43

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 43.      

A quick review is in order.   Last week we completed the first section on being the leader.  You can always go back and read the past blogs to get the details.  A warrior is always the leader who leads from the front.  A warrior is the leader who sets the example.  A warrior is the leader who is comfortable in his/her own skin because they know who they are.  Finally a warrior is a leader who looks to win the war not just the battle.

Be the Leader:




Now we go onto the second section


I am the voice.

I will lead NOT follow.

I will believe NOT doubt.

I will create NOT destroy.

I am a force for good.

I am a force for God.

I am a leader.

I will defy the odds.

I will set a new standard.

I will rise.

I am the storm.

I am the warrior.

-Modified version of a Tony Robbins quote

Now that you know that you are the leader.  Rise up and live as a warrior.  Not all of those that are leaders are warriors.  But it is the warrior that leaves an impact on the world.  What will your impact be?  Will you help lead climate change?  Will you be remembered as a part of the next Great Awakening.  Will you discover something new?  The possibilities are numerous.  Search your heart. 

Now before you go off to conquer kingdoms and slay the dragon (which you should definitely do by the way), I want to encourage you to do the little things well.  See that is what a warrior does.  He/She lives with excellence in their bones. 

Don Tee was a crew member on a bomber in World War II.  He described long periods of boredom followed by seasons of absolute terror.  Don was a warrior.  During one of the flights the bombs were stuck and Don climbed down into the bay to try to kick them loose.  He could look down and see Europe below him.  Climbing down he began kicking at the offending bomb. Time was of the essence.  He had to get this out quickly or they would miss the window of opportunity.  With all of his might he gave it one last kick and the bombs fell away.  Unfortunately so did Don.  He had lost his grip in the effort to kick the bomb loose.  But that was not the end of Don.  While he was falling out of the bomb bay the patch of his uniform caught on a bolt.  For several moments, Don was getting a literal bird’s eye view of Europe with nothing holding him in the air but a bolt and a patch.  Don could not tell you how long he was hanging there before other crew members pulled him back up into the plane but it did seem like an eternity.

While Don is a hero, he gives credit to two other people for his surviving the war.  One was the person that sewed the patch on his uniform.  They did such an excellent job that it held a full grown man.  That person sewing the patch will never know that the little thing of an extra stitch on a patch saved a man’s life.  The second person is the person that put that bolt in place.  If they had been having a bad day, or were simply phoning in their work that day, Don would have died that day.

You never know how the little things will impact a life.  Do all things with excellence.  A warrior always provides excellence in every task; even if and maybe particularly if they do not know if anyone will ever notice. 

 This week’s challenge: Today, write down three small tasks that you usually phone in and write them down.  Now take that list and purposely do those three things with excellence.