Living the Warrior Life D-Day +50

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 50.      

Be the Leader: Just because we have moved on in our training does not mean that the earlier lessons are done.  A leader must be constantly growing and learning.





 The warrior takes the small things seriously

 The warrior must be a student of history. 

Too many think of the warrior as all brawn and no brains.  But that cannot be.  Muscle can get you only so far.  It is the ability to know how to use that muscle that makes you the warrior.  If I am about to take a test I would love to have the answers so that I know exactly what to study and how to prepare.  That is what history does for you, if you are willing to investigate and study the past.

Solomon tells us that there is nothing new under the sun.  Problems and challenges have been experienced in some capacity before our modern era.  Dig in and see what you can learn.  Sometimes you can learn what to do or more often than not I can learn from the mistakes of others and keep myself from being so foolish.  Sometimes I simply have no clue how to go forward and history can give me a clue.  At the very least I pick up some pretty incredible illustrations.

In the 1930s Calvin Coolidge was president.  Tennis was becoming very popular and Calvin’s son began to play consistently.  One day after playing he discovered that he had a blister on one of his feet but figured it was no big deal.  However, the infection in the blister somehow spread to his legs and then took on the rest of his body.  He was dead in just a couple of weeks.  The lesson learned is that you must address the little things or they will ultimately kill you. (BTW: Lesson from last week.)

Don’t simply look at dates but instead look for the story.  Look for the lessons learned from other cultures.  While it can be difficult to find, the African continent is full of incredible leaders, new technologies and more.  These leaders had to solve environmental issues, community issues and had to overcome immense challenges.  They have lessons that are right there waiting for you.  Every culture and language has had to face problems, look to learn from them.

Finally, don’t restrict your learning to what you typically find in history books.  When you study with a warrior mindset you can find leadership lessons from all of the disciplines.  Science, art, engineering, education and any other venue can provide what you need to solve any of today’s problems.

 This week’s challenge: Today, pick out one season of history and study the snot out of it for the next 3 months.  Look for something out of the ordinary.