Living the Warrior Life D-Day +71

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 71.      

Part 1: Be the Leader:  





 The warrior takes the small things seriously

 The warrior must be a student of history. 

 The warrior must live by a code.

Part 3 Be the Storm


Take Action:  Storms test the integrity of structures.  Things that are fake or are barely holding on will not survive the storm.  I remember as a child living through a tornado that ripped through our neighborhood.  My neighbor across the street was hiding out in his basement with his family when the storm hit and when the storm was over he bragged to his wife how the house had survived the storm.  She had been complaining for years that he needed to fix the porch and other maintenance tasks around the house.  He always intended to get to it but never took action.  So when the storm was over and from his view point the house was in order he felt vindicated. 

That feeling of vindication and victory only lasted about 20 minutes.  They came out of the basement and everything was dark.  Initially, they believed that it was just because the power was out.  My neighbor found a flashlight and tried to open the front door but it would not open.  This happened sometimes, he had been meaning to fix it.  Unable to open the door he made his way out of back door and walked around the house.  That is when he discovered the overhang from their front porch was laying across the porch and keeping the door closed.  In the morning other damage was revealed.  While the house survived, much of the structure was shown to be weak. 

That can happen in our own lives.  We can get by day to day and survive but can your life survive storms?  In order to build that structure you must take action.

Teddy Roosevelt as a child was reported to be sickly and weak.  Doctors did not expect him to do much with his life.  Teddy could have simply rolled over and lived off of his parents wealth and really have been forgotten by history.  That was not Teddy’s way!  He began to exercise.  He ignored doctor’s instructions; he overcame most of his ailments.  Those ailments that he did not overcome he pushed through anyway.  Teddy took action. 

NOTE: I am not advising you to ignore doctors.  But do follow up and see if there are other opinions or treatments if needed.

Too many of us get bad news, we simply call it quits.  That will keep you from having any impact on the world.

When I was a baby my very young parents were told not to expect too much out of me because of complications at birth.  The doctor was very sincere so my parents believed him.  As I grew up I was sat in front of the TV and not much was expected.  That was my life until I was 5 years old.  That is when I met Sister Mary Gabriel.  She told my parents that was stupid and that I was just lazy.  She took action.  At least once her action included a paddle.  She pushed me and made me cry on multiple occasions.  But she demanded that I take action.  She would not accept my excuses.  Ultimately I not only completed first grade, but was fairly successful in school. 

 This week’s challenge:   What is holding you back?  What can you do to overcome those obstacles?