Living the Warrior Life D-Day + 78

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 78.      This will complete our journey together serving you as you strive to live the Warrior Life.   I welcome your feedback and encourage you to contact me and let me coach you toward greater success.

Part 1: Be the Leader:  





 The warrior takes the small things seriously

 The warrior must be a student of history. 

 The warrior must live by a code.

Part 3 Be the Storm


Take Action:

Resolve to never give up:

Every run, every project gets to a moment where you feel like throwing in the towel.  The warrior does not quit at that point.  My experience is that if in that moment, you push through, and you will start to feel different.  In that moment you will cross some line and what once seemed dark will suddenly come alive and you will win.  But only if you don’t give up.

You, my friend, are called to change the world.  You may not be destined to change the whole world but maybe your piece of it.  The real problem is that the world does not want to change.  They know the pain and fear that your might introduce them to a pain that they don’t know.  Men and women work diligently to avoid change in their lives.  The good news is that if they can feel the pain, and keep from medicating it, they might hear you.

As you propose the change initially they will call you insane.  They will break out all science and human wisdom they can find to discourage you.  Some will do this out of spite.  Ignore them.

Others will do this out of love.  They will fear for your pain or more often they fear that they will be required to do and be more if you bring the change.  These love you.  Be gentle with them but resolve to continue on the journey.  Explain your reasons.  Share the journey.  Invite them to come along.   When possible fill them in on the details.

Even Jesus had family and friends that thought that he had lost his mind.  His teachings are difficult.  Yet many try to teach these things as if they are simple.  I believe they are doing a great disservice to the Kingdom of God.  I cannot explain everything.  Most of the time, this God that I love, makes no sense to me.  Yet I have resolved to follow Him to the ends of the Earth if needed.  I choose to live for Him and if called up on to die for Him.  I have resolved to never give up.

You, warriors, what will you die for?  You might say family or friends.  Make your God given purpose a mountain where you can take your stand.  Discipline yourself to know your purpose intimately.  Envision it.  Breathe it in.  Study yourself and anything connected with your purpose.  Look for answers to your problems in unusual places.  Just do not give up!  Do not give in!  Just keep plodding toward your dreams.  Live for your purpose.

 This week’s challenge:    Don’t give up!