Living the Warrior Life D+64

Welcome back!  If you started on June 6 when we kicked this off, you are now on D-Day plus 64.      

Part 1: Be the Leader:  




Part 2: BE THE Warrior

 The warrior takes the small things seriously

 The warrior must be a student of history. 

 The warrior must live by a code.

Part 3 Be the Storm

Today we begin the final section of this series.  By now you are developing as a leader and as a warrior.  Those are important for your daily life and purposes.  If you do well with the first two sections you will be successful but it is unlikely that you will be remembered by anyone 2-3 generations after you meet your demise.   In order to be a legend you must be the storm


Being the storm is risky.  There is no doubt.  There will be people who will hate you and despise you.  They will talk about you and even make up lies to smear your name.  This will always be true.  Many people are like crabs.  If you go crab fishing and you catch one crab and put them in a bucket you must put a lid on the bucket.  Once you catch 2 crabs and put them together in the bucket, you no longer need to put a lid on them.  If one tries to escape the other will pull them back down.  All people have their own agenda and purpose and these crabs have as a part of their purpose to hold you back. 

Listen to them, learn from what they are saying, but don’t let it touch your emotions.  If they offer a way to accomplish your goals that reduces the risk, take that into consideration.  But do not let them make you afraid.  Steel yourself against their attacks.  Know that they are coming.

Abraham Lincoln, during his presidency, was often hated and despised.  ½ the nation left to start their own country because they suspected that he would become a liberator of slaves.  Those that stayed behind were angry at him for a multitude of reasons.  Initially, he was accused of being too slow toward abolition.  He took the risk to wait.  Later when he had the Emancipation Proclamation, many said it was too risky.  Every time he risked firing a general there were those waiting to lambaste him. Yet he continued to risk.  Read the headlines of the papers of that era.  They make the modern media look like they love President Donald Trump.  Newspapers looked to crucify the man consistently.  Yet he never failed to risk doing the next right thing. 

However, when he died he became a legend.  He belongs to the ages.  Many want to be like him, but they have forgotten the hate and ridicule he had to endure.  Lincoln suffered mightily throughout his presidency so that the nation could be united and the slaves set free.  He was the storm.  He was a world changer.

You can be a world changer too.  Consider what you might do to impact the world.

 This week’s challenge:  Think boldly.  If you had the power to change the world in one area, what area would that be?  Don’t say something like, “That is just the way it is.”  Lincoln could have said that, but took the risk.  Pick an area and consider what a first step might be.