Living the Warrior Life


Today is D-Day.  If you are reading this post than I am calling you out.  On June 6, 1944 Men from around the world joined together to face down the forces of evil represented by the Nazi forces of Germany.  These men came from different cultures, went to different churches, spoke different languages, had assorted talents but had one goal, one purpose.  They arrived in assorted vehicles but their hearts were centered on being the action to the voices calling for freedom.

Our world today needs these sorts of men and now we can also say women.  It starts with a voice.  Listen to that voice deep within you.  What is your purpose?  Who are you really? What could you accomplish if you really honestly believed it?  Many of the voices today simply complain. 

Many on that day in 1944 were voices of complaint.  They sat comfortably in their warm, safe homes and let the world know that they were angry.  But they did not seek the opportunity to help bring the change the world needed.  Most today who rant and rave through social media would never actually lend a hand to enact what their mouths are spewing.  They want to sound courageous but they are cowards.

Rise up mighty warrior.  It was not easy for those men in 1944.  But they went through training.  They prepared not only their bodies but their hearts and minds as well.   You must prepare.

For most of my life I have been a leader.  It started with silly made up clubs as a kid.   But soon evolved to Boy Scouts (I was an Eagle Scout), and then I added to the mix church leadership in youth group.  A few years out of High School I joined the military and later was a small church pastor.  For the past 17 years or so I have been engaged in learning leadership with a purpose.  The purpose is to help as many people as possible rise above the poverty line and discover hope and opportunity. 

What I have learned and continue to learn is that leadership is not a position, or a moment but really a lifestyle.   When you engage in the lifestyle of a warrior you look for opportunities to learn and grow around every turn.  You focus your development.  You learn the value of time and preparation.  You learn more about how to be well rounded and open to new ideas.  Leadership is being a warrior.  Leadership is living the warrior life.

This lifestyle will be described in three sections.  First we will call you out to BE THE LEADER.  Too many people want the position without the responsibility.  Being the leader will require sacrifice.

 Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends. – John 15:13

Unfortunately many don’t want to pay the price to be the leader.  They want the paycheck without the effort.  They envision winning the gold medal without the sweat, pain and toil of greatness.  Being the leader will not be easy.  You must study, practice, develop and live a disciplined life.

Second we will call you to BE THE WARRIOR. This does not mean that you are a bully.  A bully is really just a coward anyway.  Being the warrior is risky business.  This will require you to seek excellence without being lured into the temptation of perfection.  This will call out the courage within you to stand alone if needed.  This is not just a title but an attitude.

Finally we will call you out to BE THE STORM.  The warrior life will be a great disrupter of the status quo.  The storm will make you change direction.  The storm cleanses as it destroys.  The storm reveals weaknesses and exposes the fake.  You will not be applauded.  Never will they clap for you while you live.  But if you are particularly fortunate, and if God so wills it.  You will be a legend.

Join us in this series each week.  Dare to dream.  Ask questions.  Take risks and let us together change the world.

Your Training Assignment

This week ask God who you really are and seek his mission for your life. These are two very different things.

Who you are is what makes you special.  Your life mission gives you overall focus regardless of your skills and abilities or even opportunities.

What makes me so special?  I am a servant of the Living God.

My life mission: I am a warrior monk and will live my life with integrity.  I will live in wisdom, in endurance and in great health. I will leave no one behind whether that is family, friend or foe.  My heart will be forever trained in the ways of the Christ.

You will also have a current mission to accomplish.  Think about what that might be.  Mine below has been consistent over the past several years with more focus on one aspect or another.

Current Mission 2019

  • I will lead efforts to serve the poor of my community.
  • I will partner with others in my community to cause it to reflect Godly principles.
  • I will partner with others toward helping as many people as possible to get above the poverty line.
  • I will be the be the voice of reform.

Send your personal definition, your overall mission and your current mission to and let us work together to become a band of warriors reshaping the culture.

Jesus had a secret ambition.  His ambition was to die for the all mankind.  He was so focused on this ambition that he let it slip out once in awhile.  Even so, none of his followers really understood what He was up to until after His resurrection.  But this secret ambition, current mission and life purpose enabled Him to take on the disappointment, pain, rejection, torture and death. 

Before we start this journey you must create this secret ambition.  Do that this week at least in draft form.  Make it definite.  Never use words like, “I hope to”.  “I will” must be the center of each statement.  Note:  It is likely less awesome than dyeing on the cross for the salvation of all mankind.  However, the world needs you to do this.

It is my secret ambition that gets me up every morning at 4am. (More on that later.)  It is the current mission that strengthens my desire to be patient.  It is my life mission that focuses my entire life.

Email me your drafts and let us live the warrior life together.  I am looking for 300 that can stand at the gates of fire and hold back the forces of evil.  300 that are dedicated to lay down their lives for the future of the world.