Mental Health Challenges

Historically after a pandemic there is a plethora of mental health issues. Until the modern era there really was no reporting of such things. However, check out behaviors during the “roaring 20s” Consider these behaviors as a result of the Spanish Flu.

Challenges today are intense. Law enforcement can do little unless the mental illness creates a danger for themselves or others. However, while not a present danger many folks struggling with mental illness are difficult to work and live with. Join us in July (See Events Page) to discuss this complicated issue. Learn more

Welfare Cliff

An employer is excited to offer their high quality employee a well earned raise. The excitement balloon pops when the employee is not filled with gratitude and asks to not receive the raise. Our system is set up so that this employee might be at the welfare cliff. If they take the promotion or the raise they will lose benefits. Unless the raise is enough to catapult the employee to the next safe spot they will likely stay in the entry level position. As society we can do better. Check out Benefits Cliff for more information Learn more

New Street Drugs

One of the unintended consequences of Oklahoma legalizing marijuana is that to compete street drug dealers needed to up their game. They did this by lacing their drugs with things like fentanyl and more recently xylazine. Add to that to the fact that Narcan (A great tool to bring a person that has overdosed back to life.) has become a life saver but also has empowered those in addiction to push the envelope because they know they can be brought back to life. Note: Narcan does not work on xylazine. Learn more

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