Sermon on the Mount


Blessed are the meek,
    for they will inherit the earth.

-Matthew 5:5

  WHAT?  In this world we all know that it is the tough who survive and thrive.  Certainly, it is the strongest who conquer and take over the earth.  Yet, here is Jesus with a different idea. 

As a young man I had a terrible temper.  That anger would be used to be loud, to challenge physically in some cases or in most cases to quietly work to control a situation through manipulation.  I always thought that my way was the only way and the only way to make it happen was through strength. 

Better a patient person than a warrior, one with self-control than one who takes a city.

 -Proverbs 16:32

In our nation we tend to connect meekness with weakness.  While the two words rhyme and seem to have similar meanings it is important to understand the difference.  The weak person really can do nothing to control the situation.  They have given up power or they never had the power to help themselves in the first place.  However, the meek person they have the power and the strength.  They can take out their enemies.  This could be by exposing the truth about their enemies’ intentions.  This could be by brutal force.  But the meek person, holds back that power.  They show restraint.  In the meek person, the flesh does not rule.  They trust in God to give them vengeance or to make things right. 

I have enemies.  It is strange to me.  Some do not like that I believe that the men and women that are trapped in poverty, addiction and sin have greatness within them.  They would see these men and women as helpless and needing of a parenting figure.  They feel the hurting are entitled to handouts and that the church must care for them.  I see the greatness and while helping them out of the river where they nearly drowned.  I also see that if I can teach them to swim that they can help other people.  When they help other people, I can be free to travel upriver to fix the bridge that is allowing these men and women to fall into the river in the first place.  I love them and believe in these people so much that I don’t let them make excuses.  But to my enemies that is not seen as love.

To fight them and the false teachers as well as a society that lives in fear would wear me out and while I might experience occasional victories I will ultimately lose.  If I don’t lose my cool.  If I stay focused on the next right thing.  If I can have a controlled response to the evils of this world than I can start to take down the forces of evil.  It is when I try to force my way in that I lose.  It is when I take it on myself and do not allow the Holy Spirit to guide my steps that I become a weak man and cease to be a meek man. 

It is the meek person that inherits the earth.  The one that is in control of his/her emotions and puts their trust in God who begins to shape the future of our nation, our communities and our world.  That meekness can only rise to the surface when we really trust in God.

Simply live your life doing the next right thing.  Listen to the Holy Spirit and if He leads you to confront evil, do so.  If He directs you to back off, do so.  Make sure that it is not your own fear that holds you back though.  When you unleash the power that is within you the enemy will fight back. 

When David killed Goliath the armies of the Philistines were ready to fight but the nation of Israel was encouraged by the boldness of David and won the victory.  What victories will you win when you focus your abilities and strength at the right time and right place?  How will our world reflect more of Jesus when you are being led by the Holy Spirit love the poor enough to believe in them.  When the Holy Spirit causes you to revolt against false teachers, against injustice and against the forces that encourage sin, what will the world look like. 

It looks like you will be inheriting the earth.