Are you experiencing the crisis of hunger? 

GRM can help.  

Our food bank is open every Tuesday from 1-3 pm.  Come on in and get 3 days worth of food to get you bsuperfoodbank1y.

 Open to all who  

-- can show a recent paystub

-- Have graduated Muskogee's Bridges Out of Poverty Program

-- An Active Participant in our Employment First of Getting Ahead When Getting Out programs.




  Join us on Monday Nights for Doorways of Hope and get a food basket after small groups get done.

Stop by on Thursday at 9 AM for our Community Meeting and get a food basket and access to our clothing room

groupserving  We offer a hot meal at the Mission every day 7am, noon and 5pm.  Come and eat in fellowship, enjoy a good hot meal and receive hope.

Food, shelter, work and hope are the road out of poverty.


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