Shelter Services

Do you need a safe place to sleep tonight?  Are you ready for life change?  We believe in you and want to help you make the changes that will help you achieve your God given dreams.

We will make room for you. NOTE: We are a clean and sober facility.

New Shelter Intakes are welcomed every day at 1 pm in the Bankston Chapel (323 Callahan).

Our Guidelines serve to help the guests of the Miller Family Center for Life Change to have a stable and healthy environment to learn and grow.

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For those that are not fully ready for life change or can not make the 1 pm daily new intake check in time.  You are welcome to stay safe on a mattress in our dining room every night from 10 pm until 6 am.


Rescue Operation

The Rescue function of the Mission is at the heart of what we do and is based on Jesus’ instruction to us in Matthew 25:35-36. Our shelter services are located at the Miller Family Center for Life Change at 323 Callahan facility in Muskogee. By providing shelter and three meals a day, it’s our prayer that this temporary assistance might open doors to get our guests back on their feet.

Annually the Gospel Rescue Mission serves over 30,000 meals, provides over 14,000 nights of shelter, and provides benevolence support to those who need help covering the cost of a basic need. The demand for our rescue services has been growing and we could not meet the higher demand without the generous support of our over 1,500 donors. If you would like to help us with providing support to the poor and needy in Muskogee area, please Click Here to Donate, or visit the financial donate page for more information on giving to the GRM.


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