Knowing God Post 5

Psalm 36:5  Your love, Lord, reaches to the heavens,  your faithfulness to the skies.

As I look around the creation which includes culture and people in addition to the mountains, the beaches and all in between I see the love of a Savior that adores me.  He teaches me how to love my wife.  When I want to communicate to my wife that I love her I use flowers, chocolate, and words to express that love.  I wash dishes or make the bed or some other act to demonstrate that he means the world to me.  These are all the sorts of things Jesus created and does for us to share that He loves us.

Our Savior is always active in our world in order to announce that He wants a relationship with us.  It can be hard to believe.  But He loves me.  He is so far above me, yet He loves me.  I am almost breathless as I write this.  He is faithful to love unfaithful me.  He is the light that speaks into the darkness and offers an invitation to a new life.  It is in that moment where I have a crisis of belief.  I must decide if I am going to be faithful to His cal.  He has already decided.  He does not wait for me to be faithful. He is faithful to the outer limits.  I adjust my life to this call of love.  I love the difficult to love.  I love my enemies.  I choose the difficult right over the easy wrong.  Whatsoever He wants.  I adjust to Him; He does not adjust to my wishes.  This is how I can experience God.