Ernest’s Story

After losing a leg due to a complication from diabetes, Ernest was finding it hard to pick himself back up. He had lost his job in management at a restaurant due to the mobility issues caused by his wheelchair, and without a job and no way to provide for himself, he turned to family for help.

Not only did he need financial help, but he also needed someone to care for him. Fortunately, his ex-wife, who remained on good terms with him after the divorce, stepped into help. Over the next 4 years, Ernest started working towards regaining mobility, and a couple months ago, he finally received his prosthetic leg. Things were finally starting to look up for Ernest.

Unfortunately, it’s always darkest before the dawn. His ex-wife suddenly had a health emergency which caused them to eventually leave their home, so Ernest came here to Gospel Rescue Mission while she received the care she needed. Once being the person who needed care himself, Ernest is working harder than ever to gain stability so that he can return the favor and be that care provider for her once she’s released. It’s going to be a long road, but he’s committed to doing what must be done.

Ernest picked himself up and went full-speed ahead into learning how to use his new prosthetic leg. He is working with his doctor so that he can begin physical therapy in the coming weeks, and he’s confident that in no time, he’ll literally be back on his feet again and ready to enter the workforce. He’s making the best of his situation and learning new skills at our front desk, and despite his passion for cooking and management, he is preparing himself for the possibility of an office job instead, which might be more conducive to his disability. His positive attitude is absolutely refreshing and despite his circumstances, he knows he has the power to overcome!