Setting the Captive Free (So you call yourself a Christian)

    “So you call yourself a Christian?”  The voice of the very high and very angry young man hits my heart like an arrow.  Perfectly aimed at my own insecurities.  “Well, I love Jesus.”  That was my best answer.  I had been accused multiple times of not being a Christians because I do not give them the answer that others want to hear.  If I don’t do what they want, I must not be a Christian.  Being a Christian is actually doing what Jesus wants me to do.  He is my master and not the guilt or shame of who I help or don’t help.  I get the accusation from other social workers, churches, and even pagan government officials.  I hear the question from those that are stealing, lying, or living out some sort of heinous sin.  Why do all of these people go for the jugular like that with such ease.  Many making the accusations don’t go to church, have never read the Bible, and could not pray their way out of a wet paper sack.  Yet the accusation still stings.  “Well, I do love Jesus.”

    Many years ago, Jesus rescued me from a life that was badly spinning out of control.  He first stabilized my life and then he helped me build a solid foundation.  Today He continues to build me up into the image of Christ Jesus.  I am a follower of Jesus.  Not perfect by any stretch of the imagination.  I work to love the lost, the hurt and desperate.  I love them enough to tell them to speak the truth in love.  Sin imprisons, sin kills, sin destroys hope.  Love sets free.  Love brings life, love creates hope.

    Today God might use me to speak truth into your life.  When I do it, it might sting a bit.  It might downright hurt.  But if I do not do so, if I disobey the Master our of fear of your judgement, I am not a Christian.  If I tell you the truth in love than the answer to your question is, “Yes I am a Christian.  Do you want to be one too?”